The myth of the interrupted life

February 25, 2015


I spent all day at the Apple Genius Bar because my phone sputtered a bit then died last night just before bed. I cradled it against my heart for a moment before shuffling to my laptop to make the appointment I hoped would cure it of its ills. I rearranged my schedule. I shifted my […]

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Better answers to “What do you do?”

February 19, 2015


There have been a number of articles up lately about the question of “what do you do?” in polite society. I’m pleased that Elephant Journal decided to publish mine on their site! If you get a moment, take a look and tell me what you think. If you dig it and have another moment, share […]

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Regrets of a crunchy parent…

January 27, 2015


I don’t usually give caveats before posts. I try not to because in a way it’s like when you say to someone, “Not to be nosy but…” or “don’t take this the wrong way but…” which only sets you up to appear nosy and have them take it the wrong way. The reason for this […]

8 things I wish I’d known about the Orthodox Church

January 26, 2015


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Originally posted on Nearly Orthodox:
I make lists. Some days just the act of sitting down and writing out the list feels like an accomplishment. I used to try to keep track of these things on my phone, in fact I have at least three apps plus the notepad and the calendar to keep my…

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All gift.

January 4, 2015


2015 sort of snuck up on me when I was busy doing other things. I had intended to write a moving and inspirational blog post about the hopefulness of a new year, about the passing of time and the growing feet of my three boys, about my daughter’s applications to college, about the gray hairs […]

There’s still time!

December 22, 2014


For the last few years we’ve spent our Christmas holidays in a house we have near Nashville, TN. After selling our place in Chicago at the height of the housing boom we bought this house in the middle of nowhere to escape the big city. We wanted a change of pace, a new view outside […]

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Nobody cares about your blog

December 13, 2014


There have been days, quite a lot of them actually, when I really wanted to buy this tee shirt. And on some of those days, once purchased, I think I’d actually have worn the tee shirt in public. For a long time (in internet years) “blogging” has been the thing. Everyone’s doing it. But when […]


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