Mary Kay Sucks

Posted on September 28, 2006

I stumbled upon this blog a few days ago. I don’t know what drew me there because I have never sold Mary Kay Cosmetics, nor have I purchased them. (If you read my recent post about the “spa day” on here then you’d probably figure out that I am a fairly low maintinence type who rarely wears make up and treats her skin horribly.)

I keep asking myself why I spend so much time at MKS. It’s like a club, really, which keeps attracting new members each day I am there. This week they are doing a series on whether or not Mary Kay fits the description of a cult. It does seem to hit some of those qualities but of course so do many of the organized churches in our fair country so it’s hard to say how it matters really.

Perhaps that is my question. What is it that matters here? I am so intruiged by the dynamics of this blog. One moment the participants are discussing their level of experience with the organization, which is very impressive. This is not simply a group of disgruntled ex-employees, part timers, people who wanted something for nothing. From what I can gather it is a diverse group, some still in the organization, some even at high levels. The next moment the whole thing deteriorates into a “fashion don’ts” list aimed at specific upper level people. The comments that follow are relentless and build one upon another. It’s sad really how a train rolls down the tracks, seemingly out of control, carreening downhill and instead of people jumping off, they are actually jumping “on.”

But I don’t think this is because these women are mean spirited or bitchy. I think it is because they are angry and hurt. Many of the posts bring forth such a degree of injury it’s almost hard to read. I felt compelled to offer encouragement and forgiveness. There are many things in the world that seek to work against women. We are cursed with the delusion that beauty is all and that we are not worthy, not good enough, not beautiful enough, not smart enough. I find this to be very disturbing, watching these women tear each other down as they tear themselves down in the process.

It makes sense though, their anger, their hurt. When you read their stories and see the expanse of the lies, the deception and the cost it does begin to make sense. The critics of the site talk often about these women being bitter and feeling sorry for themselves. Some of this is true. They are bitter, because they’ve been injured and not treated well. Their wounds were not given the proper salve to heal so they lie open and painful. The critics of this site might say that these women are a small representation of the company as a whole. I say that this makes no difference. The women who post there are still real and true. Their experience is still theirs and their pain still present. Is it not still the calling of those who profess Jesus as Messiah to look upon them with grace and love? Someone asked me in a post at a Pro MK site if they were supposed to just ignore the insults and barbs thrown at them and I say, Yes…yes, you are because that is what is asked of us.

I think there are many out there, still very committed to Mary Kay, who see this blog as some sort of threat to them. I cannot understand that, although I am trying. I have the impression from another blog I discovered that this battle has been going on for quite some time. They, also have been injured in the fray. They too, still smart from the verbal grenades thrown over their fence. The visual that comes to me around this however is one of the upper echelon sitting back and counting cash while the lower levels scramble and argue and without really knowing what the real fight is about.

Since I have no real insight into the workings of the company I can only speculate as I continue to watch and learn. I hope that I can do so with some honor and without having the urge to put on lipstick.

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