“Why don’t you like me, why don’t you like me?”

Posted on July 28, 2007


Whilst travelling along the YouTube tunnel one day I discovered this video by an artist called Mika:


I could be brown
I could be blue
I could be violet sky
I could be hurtful
I could be purple
I could be anything you like
Gotta be green
Gotta be mean
Gotta be everything more
Why don’t you like me?
Why don’t you like me?
Why don’t you walk out the door!

Now, IS there a metaphor here for us?? Well, possibly I suppose but mostly, I just really LOVE the tune. Maybe it is because I am reliving my 80’s favorites lately and he reminds me so much of Freddy Mercury but I have been humming it obsessively this week. Since I hate to be alone in my neurosis most of the time I thought I would firmly implant “Grace Kelly” into your brain as well.you’re welcome.

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