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Read me…

October 27, 2007


…everyday in November because I’ve commited to blog every day this month. So you have to read me. Yes, you have to, you don’t have a choice. I am demanding that you read me every day in November because by jiminy I’ll be posting every day in November and even though art without an audience […]

Ask Mrs Metaphor

October 24, 2007


Since I’m coming up on this NaBloMo assignment of writing a blog entry a day for the entire month of November I thought I’d begin to stock the pond, so to speak. I am proposing a new feature here at called “Ask Mrs Metaphor” wherein, basically, you ask me, Mrs Metaphor, about whatever is […]

Cookware as metaphor…

October 22, 2007


When I got home from my trip this weekend I found that one of my skillets had been somewhat ill-used; the food melded on the bottom of the pan so that it could not be removed seemingly. I do not begrudge the cook this, aluminum pans (as opposed to non stick) can be tricky to […]

Ron Paul Cured My Apathy

October 16, 2007


Someone sent me a link to this video not long ago. Now, here on Mrs Metaphor I have made it known that I am a pacifist, hippie, tree hugging Jesus freak. Generally speaking, I have voted Democratic or Independant since aquiring my voter’s registration 19 years ago. Democrats have, for the most part, fit me […]

Listen to the force, Luke….

October 15, 2007


Oh you KNOW I had to be Obi Wan Kenobi…and how lucky am I that the picture ends up being the YOUNG Obi Wan? cool Star Wars Horoscope for Libra You are on a lifelong pursuit of justice and determined to succeed. You convey the art of persuasion through force. You always display your supreme […]

Come and get your love…

October 14, 2007


This song has been on my mind for about a month…so I looked it up and grooved out all day. The Band is Redbone, the song came out in 1974. I’m not sure I remembered that Redbone was made up entirely of Native American band members, but knowing that makes me love the song even […]

National Blog Posting Month

October 11, 2007


National Blog Posting Month Why do I do things like this? Why on earth would I accept a challenge to post one blog entry a day for the entire month of November? I wonder if it is because I really WOULD like to see the internet explode. Curious (spoken in my best “Spock” voice.”) I’m […]


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