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What, again?

June 22, 2008


Another search string looking for Mother Teresa Tattoos…. Are Mother Teresa Tattoos really popular as all that? Who are you people? Why emblazon Mother T on your bod? Inquiring minds want to know. sincerely, Mrs M.

Where we’ve been…

June 21, 2008


I’m honestly not a terribly “craft-ish” person. I’ve tried knitting and it stresses me out. I’ve tried jewelry making and my motor skills leave something to be desired. Sewing on almost any level will often cause injury when entrusted to me. I made cards for a while thanks to my friend Dina who I love […]

What makes me beautiful?

June 19, 2008


I was in Target today and I came across this little pink sign in a lovely frame which read: To be confident is to be beautiful At first I was taken with the sign. It was attractive; pink wood frame, interesting embellishments on the pink textured paper. I thought it might look nice in Riley’s […]


June 16, 2008


it is nearing dusk the sun…going down i suppose i’m only guessing since the clouds, blushing violet and gray hid that sun deep as it made it’s journey to the other side of the world. with the mist rolling to a stop hanging just above the trees in pregnant pause and the lightning tracing the […]

Binary Solo

June 10, 2008


You’ve met the Flight of the Conchords already here on Mrs Metaphor so they should be familiar to you…they should feel like family now, yes? So, here’s some fun for you this week…no metaphorical implications come to mind immediately but obviously if something comes to you then I’d be glad to hear it. : )

grade school theology

June 8, 2008


True conversation at my house tonight as the boys sat in bed. Transcribed for your edification: Henry (6): “Mom, what do you think about it if God would just make us so we don’t fight?” Chet (7.5): (exasperated) Henry, God made us this way so we’d have to CHOOSE to do the right thing. Henry: […]

People like us

June 6, 2008


True Stories is by far one of my most favorite movies in the whole entire world. “People like us” is one of my most favorite songs in the whole entire world. I was reminded today of this clip so I thought I’d put it out there. In the film, Swoosie Kurtz is a woman who […]


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