history is prologue…

Posted on October 3, 2008


I was able to watch the vp debates last night and I had a few thoughts on it. I did attempt to follow the direction given on my blogger friend, angela’s post….aside from having the best name, ever, she’s also one smart cookie (and I like cookies…a whole lot.)

Here are my thoughts and responses in line form because no one needs more long winded rhetoric, really, no one needs that:

1. History is prologue. Joe Biden said this last night. It is by far the wisest thing I heard in the debate.

2. The 1st amendment is not “flexible” where the vp is concerned, no matter what Dick Cheney thinks.

3. Sarah Palin did better than I expected but I admit the bar was already set low on my part.

4. She also is very good at deflection…ironic for someone who rides on what’s called the “straight talk express”

5. I like that Joe Biden. You may not agree. I don’t mind that. For my taste, I’ll take intelligent over folksy any day where politics are concerned.

6. I don’t care how much you smile when you talk. Showing your teeth in this case only makes me think you’re getting ready to take a bite out of me.

While I usually welcome commentary and healthy discourse, I’m blogging this to put my thoughts down not to change your mind. Please don’t try to “enlighten” me or convince me to change my mind. And frankly if I get one more email from “christians” telling me that Obama is the anti christ, a muslim, has ties to Al Qaeida or that a vote for Obama means the ushering in of the end times and that I’ll burn in hell for my vote (YES…I got these emails and YES they were serious….) then I am not sure I will be able to offer the grace required to keep my temper in check.

So, think what you will. You don’t have to love my reaction, I don’t have to love your choice of candidate but we must love one another. That much I know.