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January 30, 2010


I haven’t posted media here for a while…the time has come. I had a bad night and ran across this. It totally saved my emotional bacon so to speak.

Radical Thought: Practice Kindness

January 26, 2010


It’s been a while since I set a challenge for us…and I do say “us” because when I post these things it’s a public reminder of how I’d LIKE to be…not a presentation of how I am already. Kindness cannot be stored up easily. Kindness is flexibility training for the soul. It must be practiced. […]


January 22, 2010


I am deeply saddened at the turn taken by the health care reform movement. Truly. What started out as a grand vision to care for the people of our country quickly dissipated into rhetoric and fear mongering and back room politic-ing and “us vs them.” The chance of real reform now seems so unattainable. I […]

tell and show…

January 20, 2010


I’m not controversial. I’m not Fox News worthy. For me, the point of “blogging” has never been gaining audience. It’s a tired old story of mine, however, this struggle to know what to do with all the stuff in my head. Mrs Metaphor is a great mind dump. If once, only even once, you read […]

roller coaster…

January 20, 2010


ruh, roh. My daughter is on the roller coaster of hormones we call puberty. It’s…not as fun or as deeply spiritual a roller coaster as I had thought. There are lots of tunnels and high peaks. So there’s that. It’s bumpy. I guess I knew it would be…maybe I thought I’d be better at handling […]

why don’t you like me?

January 18, 2010


My top hit post from search engines is the one I wrote several years ago spotlighting a young artist called “Mika.” He’s all kinds of awesome. I still love the tune, the video and the artist. Today, because I’m Mrs Metaphor I want to tell you why this song hits me, seriously. Of course, yes, […]

dear rush limbaugh…

January 15, 2010


dear rush limbaugh I feel I must speak to you Rush, not about you, not with you but to you so I’ve written you this post. I’m certain you get a lot of mail these days regarding your perspectives. I imagine you have always gotten your share of both “love” mail and “hate” mail. I’m […]

look up…

January 14, 2010


When the earth split open in Haiti this week I can only imagine what ran through the minds of the people on the ground. I have never been in an earthquake of any size. I don’t know, apart from abject fear what comes through one’s skin and seeps into the mind, what triggers in the […]

the book in my blog…

January 11, 2010


I have a book in my blog. I’ve thought this for a while and now I think I’m acting on it. I know it’s called “Mrs Metaphor” but I think it needs a catchy subtitle. What say you lovely folk? Give me suggestions…if I use it for the book I’ll give you a shout out […]

I am my toaster…

January 10, 2010


I am my toaster.I am, really. I purchased this just before Christmas at Sears, it was on sale. An odd woman who looked slightly like my Aunt Yvonne rang me up. She tried most heartily to get me to purchase the warranty but I declined. She sort of futzed around for a few minutes and […]


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