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January 30, 2010


I haven’t posted media here for a while…the time has come. I had a bad night and ran across this. It totally saved my emotional bacon so to speak.

Radical Thought: Practice Kindness

January 26, 2010


It’s been a while since I set a challenge for us…and I do say “us” because when I post these things it’s a public reminder of how I’d LIKE to be…not a presentation of how I am already. Kindness cannot be stored up easily. Kindness is flexibility training for the soul. It must be practiced. […]


January 22, 2010


I am deeply saddened at the turn taken by the health care reform movement. Truly. What started out as a grand vision to care for the people of our country quickly dissipated into rhetoric and fear mongering and back room politic-ing and “us vs them.” The chance of real reform now seems so unattainable. I […]

tell and show…

January 20, 2010


I’m not controversial. I’m not Fox News worthy. For me, the point of “blogging” has never been gaining audience. It’s a tired old story of mine, however, this struggle to know what to do with all the stuff in my head. Mrs Metaphor is a great mind dump. If once, only even once, you read […]

roller coaster…

January 20, 2010


ruh, roh. My daughter is on the roller coaster of hormones we call puberty. It’s…not as fun or as deeply spiritual a roller coaster as I had thought. There are lots of tunnels and high peaks. So there’s that. It’s bumpy. I guess I knew it would be…maybe I thought I’d be better at handling […]

why don’t you like me?

January 18, 2010


My top hit post from search engines is the one I wrote several years ago spotlighting a young artist called “Mika.” He’s all kinds of awesome. I still love the tune, the video and the artist. Today, because I’m Mrs Metaphor I want to tell you why this song hits me, seriously. Of course, yes, […]

dear rush limbaugh…

January 15, 2010


dear rush limbaugh I feel I must speak to you Rush, not about you, not with you but to you so I’ve written you this post. I’m certain you get a lot of mail these days regarding your perspectives. I imagine you have always gotten your share of both “love” mail and “hate” mail. I’m […]


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