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persistence of memory…

July 30, 2010


I had all these really good thoughts today as I was driving. Some of them were so profound and dare I say, lifechanging, at least on some level that I wanted to make sure to write them down and share them with you. Trouble is, it’s illegal and perhaps impossible to write them down while […]


July 24, 2010


I’d confess that I often have the urge to jump on my grocery cart as it hurdles toward my car in the slopy part of the parking lot but that’s not something for confession. The real confession is that I DON’T jump on my cart and ride it as it hurdles toward my car in […]


July 22, 2010


stories i will be that old woman knarled in beauty hands steady in their frailty voice quavering with wonder and strong sense of time passing life living breath not held but rather inhaled deeply and with great abandon as if it all mattered most while standing at the edge i will be that old woman […]

finding “finding”…

July 12, 2010


I don’t “hate” having to do self promotion and I’m not terrible at it…it’s just uncomfortable for me. When I was working in the film industry, starting out freelance I thought, mistakenly, “If I’m good at what I do and people want to hire me they will.” What I understood later, when I had a […]


July 7, 2010


practice there is no shortage of time no absence of opportunity each chance presents itself not pure and clean as the anticipated sacrifice ought to be but filthy in need of attention a good combing through, an examination of all parts, holy and unacceptable the language this heart speaks in the abundance of time the […]

into the mystic…

July 5, 2010


I fancy myself a mystic. It’s hard to remember that as I herd this small group of young prophets around the rural container we call home but in my quiet moments, when I’m alone I imagine myself a mystic. When the fog rolls over the meadow I look into it with a mixture of awe […]


July 1, 2010


She was late. Very very very late. She was meant to come on or around June 13th, 1997 and she was late. I remember each passing day. I’d speak to her in utero, “Come on out, baby…it’s beautiful today! We’re having ice cream! Come on out.” She’d kick stubbornly. (She had, as I would find […]


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