Blogs of Note: BabyChaos

I found babychaos through wordpress a few months ago. It was highlighted as a top post on wordpress with the title of “The Obligatory Steve Irwin Joke.” Since it was only a short time since poor Steve had left us I decided to check out the post.

It was humorous and the commentary left was both interesting and grossly bizarre as well. It is, however, very difficult to explain to the unintiated just “what” Babychaos is all about about. In the ever increasing vastness of Bloggers out there this one stands out.  Babychaos is self described as “the sporadic journal of a one woman centre of destruction.”  Whether it be her posting on “general wittering” (read: complaining) or The REAL Eternal Questions of Existence BC never fails to deliver.

I hope you will check her out and send my best regards…



One thought on “Blogs of Note: BabyChaos

  1. Aw you flatter me ambassador with your good taste! Sorry you probably don’t get that advert but you know what I’m saying. Thank you kindly for that splendid plug. I am all chuffed and cheery now!

    I’d better go and stick another post up too!



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