The Rabbi and the Gossip

A wise friend of mine told me a cyberstory this past week via email:

The Rabbi and the Gossip~

The Gossip is told by the Rabbi to take a feather pillow, stand in the center of town and shake it out.

He then tells the Gossip to retrieve every single feather that has scattered far and wide by the wind; an impossible task.

The lesson? Tales of gossip (true or untrue) like the feathers are gone forever once they leave you

and can never be retrieved.

I thought this was a good story so I thought I’d share it.


5 thoughts on “The Rabbi and the Gossip

  1. That’s very sage… especially as I’ve just been doing an exercise to ensure that no feather collecting is required. I just typed up a whole load of bitchy things I want to say but don’t really mean. Having read the resulting document, I feel much better about it all and having removed it from my mind I have deleted it from my computer…




  2. Thanks for coming to my much neglected blog and leaving such thoughtful comments. It was the motivation I need to get writing there again. I really do appreciate it.

  3. hey sillygoose aka lmao
    Not sure you gave a real email address. I did try to email you to give this response but just in case you did not receive it…here ’tis again-

    I put this up because it struck me, personally, as a reminder of how I wanted to behave..not as an admonition to anyone else in particular.

    I think if you have an issue with someone else in the Mary Kay Blog Wars then you should address that with her and I do not mean that sarcastically but rather sincerely.

    If you want to make a non blog war comment then I’ll let that go through but I don’t want no trouble in my store…take it outside.

    sorry babe-
    mrs m

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