Time out for fun

Someone spoke to me recently about the danger of taking oneself too seriously. While it’s true that I have a great number of serious things on my plate at the moment I suppose, though, I can see the wisdom in taking time out for jocularity. For this reason I have decided to offer a new feature here at Mrs Metaphor for that very purpose, “Time out for Fun.”

When in doubt…turn to Devo, I always say…


15 thoughts on “Time out for fun

  1. That does it, mrsmetaphor! Now I KNOW that I am one hundred thousand million light years old: DEVO. *snort* Thank God for Clairol! (About to go frugal, so maybe I should put my first color job on YouTube: “I Did It MyTelf! Can U Tell?” Thanks for the humor break–you know that’s what I live for. Must get to Wal*Mart now to find my perfect shade. When did I get so friggin’ OLD?! DEVO . . . walks out to car shaking head (’cause my booty doesn’t shake so hot anymore, and if I don’t start walking again soon, it may be doing the JELLO quiver soon! YIKES!) See ya. WALKING to Wal*Mart. :::sigh::: Thanks for hosting the beefy rant. Devo. Devo. lol

  2. No, absolutely NOT…Pat Benetar=sick and wrong. Get back to the New Wave with you.

    If you are OLD…then what does that say about me? You know, it is ALWAYS about me….lol.

  3. OK OK OK … so I’ll get back down with my “New Wave” self! Uh, how about “I Want to Be Sedated,” by The Ramones. Actually had that for my ring tone last year, then thought it was, perhaps, a tad age-inappropriate, at least in the office! lol

    And, yes, yes, yes, silly me. It is your blog. It IS all about you. I’m just going to go cover the, um, “mature” hairs of my head which — seriously — make me want to be sedated for real. How did this happen? Ooops, there I go again. So, how old are YOU?! *snortI* 🙂

  4. Ah, yes! Fred!! My DH wrote a movie about a barbershop quartet so he spent one weekend at the barbershop quartet convention. Imagine that! He said people broke into song in the hallways just for fun.

    He met Fred while he was there. Isn’t that wild? Are you not impressed? lol

  5. What are the chances?! SEE: It IS all about YOU! lol I knew that your DH wrote a movie . . . blah blah blah. Seriously, that is TOO FUNNY! And, YES, I am impressed. I could seriously enjoy a couple of hours of barbershop quartets. The entire weekend? Wellllllll………

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