Blogs of Note: Going Jesus

I found this blog today and had to post about it. I know my blog buddy BC will totally DIG this blog.

Going Jesus

Going Jesus is the blog of a woman who describes herself this way:
“Me: 36, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley Division. Married to the fabulous Dennis, writer and stay at home dad to our boy, the amazing baby Isaac. Catstaff to Gracie and Beatitudes (aka The Bea). Unlikely Christian, Episcopalian Division. Still amazed that this actually works, but it does. ”

This is just a small sampling of her very cool approach to her faith and her life.

How can I not love someone who promotes “WTFWJD” Tee Shirts?? lol

Be SURE to check out her Nativity Calvalcade pages…you will literally laugh out loud!


5 thoughts on “Blogs of Note: Going Jesus

  1. The Nativities were cool, for deffo! I also like the WTFWJD, especially after my massive rant at the weekend which covered swearing among a whole myriad of other things…



  2. LOL…Rachel that is awesome! I love it. Let me know if you work up the courage to wear it and maybe I’ll get the nerve to get one and wear it as well…
    hee hee…

  3. I wore it Sunday to my dance lessons, actually. It was easy because the one person I was afraid it might offend (that I really cared about offending) was out of town. (This is someone I dance with A LOT, and is a really nice guy.) A couple people asked about it; several people laughed; one person told me how much she liked my T-shirts (was including the PT shirt), and one person said “With children you wear that?”. I said “I have to teach them right.” But then I actually explained what it was about. So far I don’t think anyone hates me šŸ™‚

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