One Single Place in the World…

One of the things that influenced our decision to move to Tennessee a couple of years ago was this quote from Gerhard Lohfink:

“It can only be that God begins in a small way, at one single place in the world. There must be a place, visible, tangible, where the salvation of the world can begin: that is, where the world becomes what it is supposed to be according to God’s plan. Beginning at that place, the new thing can spread abroad, but not through persuasion, not through indoctrination, not through violence. Everyone must have the opportunity to come and see.

All must have the chance to behold and test this new thing. Then, if they want to, they can allow themselves to be drawn into the history of salvation that God is creating. Only in that way can their freedom be preserved. What drives them to the new thing cannot be force, not even moral pressure, but only the fascination of a world that is changed.

Clearly, this change in the world must begin in human beings, but not all by their seeking through heroic effort to make themselves the locus of the new, altered world; rather, it begins when they listen to God, open themselves to God and allow God to act.”

This felt like something I wanted to revisit today. This felt like something I wanted to put out into the world today and so, there it is.


12 thoughts on “One Single Place in the World…

  1. Mmm… it took me about 12 pages to say that! Great stuff. So true, I am sure it’s about being open, not worrying about what you’re for and leaving that up to god…



  2. Yeah but you know, Gerhard Lofink like does this for a living, babe! lol

    What I like about this quote is the idea that each of us has our voice, our place…that one single place in the world is here, right where we are. I like that idea.

  3. Me too, I used to self actualise through what I did, BC the marketing manager in an amusingly credibility free company (loved it), BC the Artist, BC the writer… Then I got made redundant and that’s when I learned that the REAL BC is not any of those things, it’s this one. BC the er… BC.

    Hmm… Does that make sense?



  4. PS… it’s partly why I blog. Because, being a human – or at least being this one – honestly in a blog is one of the few things I can do well so I reckoned I should share it.



  5. That’s amazing, snap…seriously, I’ve been in this area for like 2 years and have met only 2 people actually FROM here…the rest are transplants….is that bizarre?

  6. Uh-yes-very bizarre. Curious-which area? I’m in Middle TN. I graduated from MTSU. I was born in good ol’ Nashville at Baptist Hospital. I live in the same town I moved to when I was four years old. Been here 31 years. WOW-that’s alot-WOW!

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