Again and Again…

I found this video by a group, called “The Bird and the Bee” on my friend Steve’s blog and I admit, I’m stealing it and posting it as my own post.

This is another “hum all day long” tune…I’m starting to feel this is my task, my mission…to have you humming all day.

it’s so creepy and creepy and creepy and creepy uh, oh…again, again, again…

(just watch…it’ll make sense…)


5 thoughts on “Again and Again…

  1. glad you dug this! thanks for stopping by.

    yah, crowded house was incredible, even for the non-superfans. just gratitude and beautiful music. artists at the top of their game. whew.

    I hope you all are well….

  2. thanks for stopping by!

    I do love that video. It taps all I love from the 60’s fashions and music…geez, crowded house was good. I recommend seeing a show soon – it was very life-giving.

    I hope Dave is well in Copenswitzerlondhamburg.

  3. Hey Steve…my blog buddie Babychaos alerted me to the fact that comments are being gobbled up by the evil wordpress spam filter…so sorry you got caught in there with the weird drug companies and whatnot.

    I’m going over to your blog to see what else I can steal, er…borrow.

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