This is what we do. We think of where we were when it happened, when something awful and unbelievable happened, something that changed our lives so completely that it is then hard to remember what life was like before that.

I was on the couch, having sent my husband off to work and my daughter to preschool. I was nursing my son on the couch and got a phonecall that I needed to turn on the television and so I did. I watched with great horror and utter disbelief. I watched and then I saw the tower fall…I watched still, struggling to make sense of it. I heard words but the images were far clearer than anything being said. My husband called to see if I was watching. We stayed on the phone as the second tower fell. Neither speaking for a long time.

This is what we do, we remember. We hope, we pray, we listen, we observe, we speak, we cry, we watch and we remember.

Writerchick is part of a event which takes time to remember those whose lives were taken on 9/11. I hope you will take a moment to check this out.


8 thoughts on “9/11

  1. Thanks for writing this. It was very touching. I was watching it happen with my husband who is a pilot. I was pregnant with our third child. The phone was ringing and people were calling to make sure he was home and he was okay.

    We were at the site in NYC last year and it was amazing. It was very humbling. One man took a piece of chalk and drew a large square where his wife’s desk would have been several stories above.

    I continue to pray for peace in this world.


  2. PPPJ…the image of the man with the chalk drawing the spot where his wife’s desk resided…is most striking and yes, I agree, incredibly humbling.

    WC…thanks for that compliment and thanks too, for your contribution as well on your blog. I only got a few lines in before I started to cry. It’s amazing to me how this whole thing connects us at our very cells, you know?

  3. I was on an aeroplane somewhere over France, got home just in time to see the towers come down. Having lived through a bombing campaign in London in the 90s, I have a lot of sympathy…

    I’m not sure if I should say this or not… but in Britain up until the late 90s bombs and terrorism have been a fact of life for most of us with the Troubles and the IRA; the nail bomb, the Grand Hotel Brighton, the London bombing campaigns (various)… I was at school when they tried to kill the cabinet – including a friend’s godfather – in the Grand Hotel, my cousin was in the Covent garden pub which was bombed when the bomb went off… I heard the Hammersmith one and was one of the many people who knew what it was and called the police… There were fire bombs on the tube… What I’m trying to say is that terrorism has touched most people in Britain in some form or another and I think that leaves us kind of inured but also in a position to be very sympathetic.

    So when it all kicked off again with 9.11 I think a lot of us just kind of thought… hey ho same shit different bunch of tossers doing the killing.

    I think we also see it as the day you guys joined us… a kind of… “now, maybe, we will truly understand each other”… I hope it doesn’t sound bad to say this because it isn’t meant to and I hope it also makes sense.



  4. BC: Absolutely, that makes perfect sense to me. 9/11 was in a sense our “trial by fire”…our induction into the worries of the world in many ways. It is one of those things that we never wish upon anyone but once it happens we find that we DO understand things a little more deeply or at least, we hope that we do…we hope that we then ASPIRE to understand more deeply.

  5. I was in school with my class of Kindergarteners. I couldn’t turn the TV on in front of them-but I did go to the computer. The teachers would meet in the hall to discuss what was going on. My boyfriend at that time was supposed to be in NY at that time-whew. A student of mine at that time-his father is in the National Guard and had to be packed and ready to go at any minute. This was a very emotional time for this child and his family. And this craziness still goes on-Why?? My friend’s son’s dream was to make a career out of the military. He was in ROTC in high school-enlisted in the Marines-graduated high school-went straight to basic training-then went directly to Iraq. He has returned to Iraq two times since. After his four years were up do you think he still dreams of making a career out of the military? Do you think he re-enlisted? Nope-he has seen enough for a life-time or two or three. Ok-sorry-can’t stop typing…

  6. My 10 yr old daughter asked me today what the war in Iraq is about. Now, bear in mind I am a pacifist by nature. I DO believe in the idea of a “Just” war but I do not believe we have seen one of those in my lifetime. I told her that I believe that all wars, no matter what the particulars are about Fear and Power….and mostly, the drive for Power is fueled by Fear. I told her this war was about those things…many would say it was about protecting us and others from terrorism or evil dictators (Fear) or the quest for Oil (Power).

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