Leave a message…

I’m going out of town, people. I’m LEAVING the computer, it’s true…don’t panic. I plan to visit the Big Apple and will be pleasantly relaxing while watching “Spam-a-lot” over the weekend to celebrate my 40th birthday.

Which reminds me, in light of the weirdness of the WordPress spam filter however, letting through some oddball posts while confining poor poor Babychaos to the spam lock up with the porn sites and inkjet resellers I’m putting the comments on moderation.

I know you are all clamboring to leave me Birthday wishes and I promise to read and cherish each one, when I get back and post them.

Until then, I leave you to your own lives with these words
“spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam and spam”

as you were…..


2 thoughts on “Leave a message…

  1. Awesome, you must tell me how Spamalot is! I just heard some of their songs on my xm radio!

    have a fantabulous trip!

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