Mrs Haiku

I’ve always loved the form of the Haiku…so simple and yet chock full of possibilities. Less is more, yes?

My friend Julie provides the following information about he art form of Haiku; in addition to the well known syllabic rhythm of

The Haiku traditionally would also refer in some way to the weather or the seasons. How cool is that?

So, in light of today being slighlty chillier than yesterday (always a good sign in the “south” as it were) then I shall give you another assignment while I write my next scintillating post. (Is she stalling you ask? Um, yes, what of it?)

Your assignment is to ….WRITE YOUR OWN HAIKU…

I’ll model this for you:

with fall comes relief
sweltering evenings will pass
southern summers suck

I added a little alliteration there at the end just to jazz it up but you get the point….now, off with you. Give me your best work, this counts toward your midterm grade report.


25 thoughts on “Mrs Haiku

  1. Fall brings less sunlight
    fun Fall Festivals and Fairs
    soon come dreary nights

    I was never too good at that in English class-I must say-that came out easy.
    But I never did my homework for the first part of the term-oops.

  2. OK, I was just on the radio yesterday (of all things!) where they were asking for Haiku in honor of the Cubs. Mine was the only one that honored the Haiku tradition of including nature and the seasons. It’s still lame, though.

    Ivy covered walls
    Warm autumn winds blowing out
    Aramis homers

    Back here in Chicago, it’s all about The Cubs right now, oh, and this awesome, above average autumn we are having!

  3. Warm Arizona
    Late night post season baseball
    Fans sleep not tonight

    I can’t stop – GO CUBS GO! (Hey, Chicago, whaddaya say? The Cubs are gonna win today!)

  4. Mercedes…well done. It is a good first attempt! You use the word, “Fall” twice however and I would look for an alternative, there…of course the fun thing about the Haiku is that changing ONE WORD changes it all (kind of like the rubic’s cube of poetry…)

    I give you a B though and the chance for an A with a rewrite…

  5. Dina, you are absolutely FIXATED! Alas, I can find no fault in your work, however in light of your fixation and obviously being a Cubbies fan myself you rate an A+ (and extra credit toward your year end grade for doing 2 haiku…) : )

  6. Ooohhhh-so excited-I got a B and a chance for an A…rewriting now (never sure on capitalization anymore)

    autumn brings less sunlight
    fun fall festivals and fairs
    soon come dreary nights

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