National Blog Posting Month


National Blog Posting Month

Why do I do things like this? Why on earth would I accept a challenge to post one blog entry a day for the entire month of November?

I wonder if it is because I really WOULD like to see the internet explode. Curious (spoken in my best “Spock” voice.”)

I’m still working out the whole NaBloPoMo page thing to have the posts RSS feed there but you’ll see my marathon posts here on mrsmetaphor. No sense reinventing the wheel, yes?


7 thoughts on “National Blog Posting Month

  1. ok Mrs Metaphor Im posting to say hello and Ill be more active on this blog for your support..had to get away from the MK stuff…LOL

  2. Yeh, there’s a bit of a ruff thing going on, but only in the winter. His summer coat is thinner. I have brush him every day, partly because as a bloke, he doesn’t really make too much effort but mainly because I strongly believe that a ball of fluff in the brush is worth two on the stairs. Even so, the house gets hairy very quickly. I sometimes think it’d be quicker to cut out the middle man and hoover him, instead.



  3. Oh, so that’s what the point of this NaBloPoMo is–making the internet explode. Thanks for clearing that up! LOL! Mrs, I love your avatar picture for NaBloPoMo, with the walls of books in the background. It is gorgeous!

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