Ron Paul Cured My Apathy

Someone sent me a link to this video not long ago. Now, here on Mrs Metaphor I have made it known that I am a pacifist, hippie, tree hugging Jesus freak. Generally speaking, I have voted Democratic or Independant since aquiring my voter’s registration 19 years ago. Democrats have, for the most part, fit me better than Republicans…that and their theme music was always better.

I watched the video with a fairly large degree of scepticism, frankly, because I have never voted Republican…but I have always shunned labels of any sort and I have often said that if a candidate fit me or what I felt would be best for the country that I WOULD vote a different party. Personally I think the entire “party” system is bunk for the most part so it’s not that big of a stretch. To date, however, I have not seen a candidate I cared for all that much…I like that Barack Obama and I wouldn’t mind seeing a woman in the White House but I have not felt inclined to do much of anything except whine about how much I DISLIKE the current office holder which is perhaps not terribly effective in resolving much of anything.

As I watched this video, though, this comment…placed on a sign by a Ron Paul supporter actually brought me to tears. Those of you who know me personally would say this is not such a grand feat…I’m a bawler not a brawler. In this case it felt like a grand feat however. The sign read, “Ron Paul cured my apathy.”

I don’t stand on a soapbox often about political things on this blog and I do not intend to erect one in dead center just because the election is gearing up but today, it felt important to do so and here you have it:


13 thoughts on “Ron Paul Cured My Apathy

  1. Wow, almost sounds too good to be true. I think I could stomach him as a Republican, but would need to know his stance on a couple of issues first. For now, I am actively campaigning for Hillary. (I am a registered Dem, but have voted Republican before.)

  2. I’m with ya, eyesicle…at some point in their campaigns the ones I like all sound too good to be true! I think he has his website here:

    I think what was striking to me, though, was that I had not at that point identified my OWN sense of apathy…it really did bring it to me, hard…and that is what I reacted to…so we’ll see how further investigation goes on that front.

  3. I guess I can’t relate…I have been so pissed off for so long. But, you did hit the nail on the head about people being apathetic. I think there is a lot of criticism going on of the current administration, but all of us saying, well, that’s politics as usual. I can see how someone rising up without the name Clinton or Bush or without a humungous (cough, Edwards and Romney) personal fortune could be appealing. Obama can inspire hope, as well as Ron Paul. I am a Christian, but do not have the religious right’s zeal for some issues. I am guessing that is also the case for you, since you vote Dem at times. I have specific thoughts on abortion, gay marriage I am straight), the war, and healthcare that need to be addressed by the candidate I endorse. I do agree with a lot of RP’s points and feel he is a man of integrity. Can’t say that about a lot of politicians. Sigh, I wish Gore would run…

    Thanks for sharing the video. I enjoyed it. I can also see why he has such an underground movement. The other republicans better watch out! (Hillary better watch out, too. This guy could definitely be competition!)

  4. LOL, well I’ve been pissed off for a long time too…but it was the resignation you speak of…the “it’s politics as usual” and my own add…”nothing will ever change” thoughts that shook themselves off as they rolled out of my brain closet today.

    I don’t relate well to the religious right. I do have my own thoughts about the various issues but the only ones I feel the strongest pull about are the war (me, being a pacifist) and healthcare (me, being human, self employed and not wealthy.) Obviously i have my opinions (gasp…can it be TRUE, mrs m?? LOL) about most everything else…but this war has to be resolved and NOW. And healthcare/welfare needs to be ADDRESSED…to date it’s been sorely overlooked.

    Egad…getting off the politcal talk now and going to make dinner.

  5. Well, you know that I am a diehard, contributing-to-the-campaign Barack Obama fan. Lately, however, I’ve been disenchanted with the way his campaign looks not much different than any other campaign I’ve ever seen. I’m actually really sad about it. Plus his @%#$$ing campaign volunteers call me like every day. I already support him so I don’t know why they need to call so much.

    This Ron Paul video really touched me, in much the same way Barack’s 2004 DNC speech did. Even videos I followed on YouTube that said things like “The Truth About Ron Paul” expecting to hear a counterpoint to the video above were nothing but glowing praise for him. I think he’s the real deal.

    I’m rethinking this whole thing after seeing this video. Thanks MM.

  6. I watched Ron Paul on Jon Stewart, and thought he was amazing. I’m a proud democrat and worked the Clinton one campaign in a small republican town. Not an easy thing – but Ron Paul is too middle for the right. They want a real right wing man. My guess it will be Romney/Rudy and a Clinton/Obama ticket.

    We’ll see if I’m right!

  7. It’s interesting to see who supports him and why. His campaign got over 4 million dollars in donations on Monday. I was trying to find some mentions of that feat in the media and found a USA today article that was open for comments. One person commented that his personal donation was of $17.76 and he was so proud to support Ron Paul.

    I continue to be intrigued.

    Yeah, me too! I’m trying to stay away from cynicism but it’s a hard habit to break.
    Mrs M

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  9. Sign up for his emails if you want to. It’s nice to stay informed and there are a lot of people on his campaign team who have written me very nice (mass) emails. I just wrote a post about it that links to you here. 😉

  10. You know, it’s funny. I was watching the same video and as soon as that still image came on, I too was brought to tears.. The tears are our feelings of guilt and ignorance for being apathetic for so long. And knowing that we will never go back to not caring, to know that we can make a difference and we all have a voice. I suspect many were brought to tears upon seeing that image.

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