Ask Mrs Metaphor

Since I’m coming up on this NaBloMo assignment of writing a blog entry a day for the entire month of November I thought I’d begin to stock the pond, so to speak. I am proposing a new feature here at called “Ask Mrs Metaphor” wherein, basically, you ask me, Mrs Metaphor, about whatever is on your mind. I shall endeavor, in my very best metaphorical style to answer said question.

So there you have it. You can email your question to me or merely place it in the comments of this thread. I will keep your identity as hidden as you require and I will try to answer in a timely fashion but give me a day or two at least to summon the Muse and compose your response, alrighty then?


1 thought on “Ask Mrs Metaphor

  1. Recently, there have been issues for and against the wearing of “baggy Jeans/pants. That in Atlanta, GA that males caught in the “act” of walking down the street in baggy jeans will be arrested, and receive a fine or 6 months in jail. What do you suppose should be the real penalty for wearing mid length shirts and exposing the “belly button” and or the belly button ring? Has this not become the worse form of society out of control. In the 16th century men wore “tights and stockings”—-what will this current society decide if the man of today decides to wear tights instead of pants, with a little shirt with ruffles and the neck and wrists? Where does clothin choice begin or end at this point? Your answer will greatly be appreciated and enjoyed!!! You can email me at or—post your comment or reply at my blog (riveroflifelisajoy’s weblog!!! (a@Word Press of Course!!!)

    Will do! I’ll run this around in my head a little and see what falls out this week.
    -Mrs M

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