Political Revelations: Open Primary Voting…

Oh, I’m excited. I found out that Tennessee has what is called Open Primary Voting. Below is a summary:

In an Open primary or caucus, any voter – regardless of party registration – may vote in the primary of either major party (but not both!): Democrats may, if they wish, pass up their own party’s primary to vote in the Republican primary, while Republicans may choose to pass up their own party’s primary to vote in the Democratic primary; Independents may vote in either major party’s primary. In addition, a voter’s party affiliation is unaffected by which primary he or she might have chosen to vote in: for example, a Democrat who chooses to vote in the Republican primary remains a registered Democrat and an Independent who votes in the Democratic primary remains a member of neither major party.

About the only way I would consider this a dilemna for my voting choice in the primary is if I felt strongly about a Democratic candidate as well, which, sadly…I do not. I’d be content with just about any of the frontrunners at this point. Much can change before February 5th, 2008 but just knowing that I do not have to switch party affiliations merely to vote for a candidate I like is a lovely realization today.

Check out your own state’s guidelines here:


7 thoughts on “Political Revelations: Open Primary Voting…

  1. I have absolutely no comment on anything political, mostly because I have such strong feelings right now. So, I can’t even get started. The danger is that, once I get started, I realize how incredibly little I know, just as much as how incredibly angry I can get. So, I’m just checking in to say, “Go, mrsmetaphor! Two days down, only 28 more to go!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!” 🙂

    Thanks Ms Beefy! I completely understand your reluctance to discuss the political…don’t worry, I’m moving on to “religion” next so I’ll cover ALL the hot buttons.
    -Mrs M

  2. LOL at the tags!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the tip, Mrs. My state has an open primary too.

    Hey girl…yeah, I JUST figured out the “tag” thing…hoping it nets me some interesting google hits…lol
    -Mrs M

  3. I wish they had that in California. But even as an independent, I have to opt for one or the other – it bites.

    Lookie, I’m pulling a WriterChick and putting comments in the comments…hope you don’t mind me stealing that. I promise I won’t steal content for the call girl blog down the street. hee hee
    -Mrs M

  4. I’m with Pinkbeefs, add frustration, stir in horrified, and what was the name of that movie where the guy (excuse me,having a sometimers moment) said “I’m mad as H*** and I’m not going to take it any longer” (or more?) all while hanging out a window screaming the above. The more I learn, The more I want to do the same. lol! Oh, we have a closed Primary, lol!
    Have no idea about tags and such, but you go girl!

    Ah, that would be the movie “Network” and it’s a classic…love that movie!
    -Mrs M

  5. I think tags were what made one of mine the “hawt post” and I got 500 hits in one morning. So, yeah, tags will do that to you. LOL!

    I’m thinking about tagging everything “Britney Spears” and seeing what happens…what do you think? lol
    -Mrs M

  6. I just saw a post on the wordpress login page that was tagged “WTF” “LMAO” “LOL” and some other rather offensive things. Just go for whatever you think will bring on the hits.

    Hm…not sure JUST how racy I can get….my mom and dad read this you know.
    -Mrs M

  7. Hey, just saw this post. I love love LOVE politics. Anytime anyplace…coffee, my house, your house, cyberland or whatever.

    Some people follow football – I folllow politics with a zeal and conviction that someone is telling the truth out there and I listen hard for it over and over again. Changing your turn? Changing your story? Answer the question…ah….I could be a color commentator for politics.

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