Music hath charms…

Another thing you never knew about Mrs Metaphor… she’s also a singer/songwriter.

Feel free to give commentary but please remember my fragile ego…yes?


6 thoughts on “Music hath charms…

  1. Oh, my gosh, is that really you? It is awesome. You sound a little country-western. I love it!!

    It IS! Thanks for the compliment Ms Starbucks…I wrote and recorded this a few years ago, even BEFORE I moved so close to the ‘Nash…lol. If i get really stuck for topics this month I’ll post a more recent piece of work and subject you all to my singing once again. (this is what’s called “fishing for compliments…”)
    -Mrs M

  2. Like I said earlier, You go girl! You Rock!
    Truly do Like the lyrics and your voice.

    Oh, thanks MsPink…lol…now that I’ve hit 40 I really NEED to hear that I rock every now and again…
    : )
    -Mrs M

  3. Hey MM,
    You have a really pretty voice and I liked the song. This may be a mixing issue, but there were parts when the music overshadowed that lovely voice and I couldn’t quite make out the words. You are very talented, how come you aren’t american idol? 😉

    LOL…American Idol? Well because of that pesky AGE LIMIT…now, if they go dropping THAT, then gosh, I’m there, babe.
    Mrs M

  4. Bravo Mrs! I was rockin’ out to this song.

    I have a funny confession: the first time I listened I accidentally had minimized in another window. My daughter had been using the computer and asked me to minimize her window instead of closing it. I turned off the speaker and was blogging, then I turned the speaker back on to hear your song. So every 15 seconds or so, I heard Dora say, “Let’s play bingo!” and I thought it was a clip you had mixed into your song. I didn’t realize at first that it was in the other window. Duh!

    LOL…I forgive you, FW…that is unless you kind of LIKED it BETTER with Dora on board….then, I’d be insulted. : )
    Mrs M

  5. You have a lovely voice, and I really like the song! You live so close to Music City, have you dropped off any demo tapes yet?? You must!! You have approximately 6 weeks to do so, then I’ll be heading east to check and see that you have done it. 🙂

    You are a sweet friend, Jazzy…lol. I’m not sure I actually have aspirations in that direction at this point…either that or I’m just deathly afraid of rejection. I AM working on a fun, sultry project though that will fit in nicely with my mid life crisis. Perhaps I’ll blog about it this month.
    Mrs M

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