Of Marching bands and Mad cows…

This post is going up a little early since monday is proving to be more complicated than I intended…but that’s a blog post for another day…Count this as our post for MONDAY NOVEMBER 5TH, alright?

Mucca Pazza is best described as a Circus Punk Marching Band. They are based in Chicago, my old stomping grounds and their fearless leader, Mark Messing (check him out playing the Sousaphone) is an old friend of mine. The best way to really understand what Circus Punk Marching Band refers to is to, well, see it…

If you want to know more about Mucca Pazza and you SHOULD want to know more (in fact, you should WANT to get to wherever they are next and see them LIVE if possible) then check out their website. If you do have the chance to see them live, do NOT pass it up. I promise you will be glad you had the experience.


5 thoughts on “Of Marching bands and Mad cows…

  1. Checking in Mrs.I
    Like their cheer.Whoo Hoo!
    Have a great Monday, see ya Tuesday.lol

    I promised Beefy I’d have cookies tomorrow…no calories.
    Mrs M

  2. Excuse the hurry, it must be an I, of course it could be Mrs1 as in you are #1! Ya just never know about our subconscious! Me thinks me took their cheer too seriously. lol

    I’m #1, I’m #1!”
    Mrs M

  3. I twirl the baton. lol These guys are right up my alley!

    Strangely enough, sometimes they practice in alleys…maybe they were literally in your alley once. : )
    Mrs M

  4. You know, we only hear about bad stuff happening in alleys. I lived in a double bungalow while growing up. It had a GREAT alley. We shot hoops at 2 garages down the alley–a total of about 10 kids–a great time. They also make great shortcuts / quick getaways. We should have started a band! lol

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