I’m mad as hell…

Well, I’m not actually mad I suppose, I’m still moving out of apathy, remember? The comment from Mspink the other day made me look up the clip she referred to from the movie “Network.” It was strange watching it again looking back at it with the new set of year 2007 goggles but it still brought this wave, this flood of emotion to me. It was a good moment.


10 thoughts on “I’m mad as hell…

  1. I remember this movie from such a long time ago.

    It makes me want to rent it to watch the whole thing. Great film.
    Mrs M

  2. Hell, I yelled that this morning! lol “There is nothing new under the sun?” 😉

    Yeah, I think I yelled that this morning too…lol
    Mrs M

  3. You know MRS sometimes the oldies truly are the goodies! You forget about em, but when you stumble across em you love to watch em again, it takes you back a moment in time. You youngin’s won’t get it until your past 40. Not that I’m old, it seems when you hit your 40’s you really reflect on who you are, where you are, what you are doing and what more you could be doing.

    Ohhh Ohhh I think I need to put away the scrapbooks and stop trippin down memory lane.

    I’m tellin ya, HH…I’m way into my midlife crisis now that I’ve hit 40. big time.
    Mrs M

  4. Oh by the way were you guys in my living room last night, I was yelling this at my husband.

    Nope, I was yelling it at my kids first, then my dog. I paraphrased it a little, I admit.
    Mrs M

  5. Wow, I had forgotten the Passion!. That’s what I need-Passion cuz things havent changed much since that time. Crime, depression, recession, whatever you want to call it. Let’s all stick our head out the window and yell “Im Mad as H*** and I’m not gonna take it anymore’. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing the clip with us.
    Makes me want to run out and rent the movie. Ya know, It will probably be better the 2nd time around.

    uhmm Some of us are ‘oldies but goodies’ dont you know? some things get better. Some things don’t. (as far as the oldie part goes)
    I love the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, can’t help but think their gonna be just fine with the training for their bodies when they are an oldie but goodie.
    I am afraid I concentrate on just the goodies,lol!

    I never even realized my real “goodies” til I turned 40, MsPink…I think this, however, is the wisdom gain of age, the blessing of time.
    Mrs M

  6. Mrs. I think the term mid-life crisis is overused, why couldn’t we say mid-life joy or mid-life new beginnings or mid-life wisdom. In some societies women when they hit their middle years and are facing menopause are looked upon with great divinity because they have don’t their turn at creating life, nuturing their children (although that never stops), I think this is the time in our lives where we look to nuture our development more and also nuture others outside of our family circles. We look at the world with more wisdom and strength. I think we also view others with more compassion and are willing to share our earthly experience in a effort to make someone else’s lot in life a little easier. I am not saying I am an elder sage, but I am enjoying my forties, I never dreaded them, I never went into a depression, it is just a number, one of many and I hope I live to 100 so I can see the many marvels that this world has to offer and even the great hope of peace among man.

    I find it easier being in my forties than my twenties or thirties, I have a better sense of me and what makes me passionate about the world I live in.

    So take a breath forget you are forty and just keep doing what you always do, being you and you will get through being forty just fine!

    Hugs to ya!

    I hear ya, HH…and also…I would change the term if I didn’t feel that “crisis” fit at this point. I’ll write about it more this month, I promise because it’s always a process for me, you know. My hope is that I move from Crisis to Wisdom.
    Mrs M

  7. Mrs. give yourself time, what I have learned from every ‘crisis’ is that there is an end and you do gain wisdom from the struggle or pain. If life was easy we would take it for granted and there would be no challenge and IMHO I think it would be pretty boring. I think you have to test your mettle from time to time and see what you are made of.

    I’ll have to look online and see if there is a quiz that’ll just TELL me that…lol…after all, I already KNOW what kind of donut I am…
    Mrs M

  8. Mrs. You make me smile. I was trying to set up my own little bloggio for my off the wall musings and for some darn reason I can’t seem to get it to work, so now I am mad as He** at my computer. Arrrrrgh I hate being compulexic!

    Don’t let it get you down HH…I don’t consider myself compulexic and it’s taken me a while to figure this puppy out. I’d steer away from Blogger or typepad and go with WordPress. *I* think it’s the easiest to figure out but that’s just my own humble opinion.
    Mrs M

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