Poetry Among Friends

This is a poem I wrote recently. I’m liking it. Generally, I know that reading poetry online from one’s friends tends to be like nails on a chalkboard for the most part, unless of course your friend happens to be Scott Cairns, one of my favorite contemporary poets. Since this is MY blog, however, and I have to post EVERY DAY…then you’ll just need to suffer my poetry.

All That Remains

If you are you
…as you are now
and I am me
…as I ought to be
and we take hold
of hands
then jump with abandon
to the stormy sea
who could say
what might happen

all that remains
is the chance to meet
the hand to take hold
the eye to connect
the wind to blow…just right
the sea to rage
the heart to calm
to engage
as the fear releases
and then
at last
the leap


11 thoughts on “Poetry Among Friends

  1. I’m liking it too. I might have to steal it myself…

    Steal is SUCH a strong word, babe. How ’bout you just wear it around town a little and see how it feels? Put it back in my closet when you’re done.
    Mrs M

  2. Mrs. Lovely poem! I am inspired from time to time and write a little poetry here and there, it is soul cleansing. It may not be very good, but who cares, if it gives me joy, helps me feel things or heal from things, its good enough for me.

    I agree HH, and yet, my inner performer craves the attention that keeps me from ever being fully satisfied with my own work if left internally or hidden from the world. Ack, maybe I AM a dramaqueen after all! I do receive joy, however from it…in the moment so in that I am content for now.
    Mrs M

  3. I read it more than 2 or 3 times to let the words sink in. The beauty of poetry is that it is a song to your soul. It means something different to each of us. Thanks for sharing.
    And now, for the leap! lol

    A song to the soul…indeed…I love that, MsPink. Thanks!
    Mrs M

  4. Aww, mrs., I am so busted here. You wrote this pretty poem, and I kind of get it but I don’t completely get the deeper meaning because I’m a black-and-white kinda chick. You’re deep, and I do better with Dr. Seuss. I have people to blame for that, though. I blame those people in Mary Kay who told me that it would be “great” to listen to tapes by Tony Robbins, David Cooper, and themselves … and I believed them. I truly believe that part of the deeper thinking part of my brain must have bailed after so many years of listening to the pink hoo-hah stuff. I paid hundreds of dollars for stuff that recently sold on eBay for about eleven dollars and fifty-two cents. Keep writing your poetry. I bet it’s great for the grey matter. Do you do workshops? 🙂

    No worries, babe…I’ll write one just for you later this month that I promise you will get. LOL. I DO in fact do workshops, just NOT on writing Poetry…but I think my friend Karen does. You’d have to go to Illinois though for that.
    Mrs M

  5. OK pinkbeefs… I am LMAO over here. I don’t care who you are, that comment was funny.

    That Pinkbeefs…what would we do without her? This blog would be so boring.
    Mrs M

  6. Of course I mean to say that I find your comment to be universally funny, in my humble opinion.


    It’s good to see you around PUR!”
    Mrs M

  7. Very nice poem, Mrs. I really like the ellipises at the beginning of the lines instead of at the end. You’re bucking the system. And once again you’ve outdone yourself with the tags. 😉

    It’s the latent hard core punk rocker in me, FW. I will never grow outta that I guess (I hope)
    Mrs M

  8. I’ve never been a poetry fan. But since starting blogging earlier this year I’m beginning to grow accustomed to it.
    Nice one.

    LOL…well, for the most part I would not consider myself a “poetry fan” either…probably I am more a fan of a particular Writer or Poet these days…and then among their works I have my favorites. I like Billy Collins a lot and of course, Scott Cairns (as I’ve hammered on about before…)
    Thanks for coming by!
    Mrs M

  9. Oh, Mrs M, I love the poem! As I read your words, I had the most delightful scene play out in my head … you made me smile!

    Thanks Marvie…the poem has done it’s job, then! : )
    Mrs M

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