Have I shared Shooby with you yet? I don’t think so…and considering I’m up against the wall with ideas for what on earth to write each day this month I felt it best to just put Shooby on the block for today.

You can check out this site for more information on Shooby Taylor, the Human Horn.

It tells his story which is actually rather heartbreaking…in fact, you can watch his appearance on Amateur Night at the Apollo and it is a heartbreak to watch him perform and be boo-ed offstage. It makes me want to throw things at the television audience. For now, though, I’ll leave you with this quote from the website which sums up the Shooby experience with incredible insight (even though the poster is called “Bat Guano”):

“I can’t tell you what it sounds like. But with most first-time Shooby listeners this is what happens; The eyes glaze, the mouth frowns, then around a minute into one of his songs laughter spews.” -Bat Guano

Take a moment to take a listen… believe me, it’s worth it.


5 thoughts on “Shooby

  1. Well Mrs. it reminded me of the Sunday nights when I was a kid and we would be at my granny’s and after dinner they had to watch the Lawrence Welk show where at the end he would say: “That was wondaful, wondaful”. There was an orchestra with him conducting it, dancers and toothy grinned singers who if they smiled tooth much their teeth would pop out of their heads.

    The clip did make me smile tho! I think I have been Shoobinated.

    Shoobinated….I love it…and I think Shooby would love it too.
    Mrs M

  2. Sorry, mrs., but dat was painful! Call me Shoobaverse. It gives me great hope that, somewhere, I have talent, though. So, that’s positive!

    Oh, Beefy…that’s alright. I admit, Shooby is an aquired taste. : )
    Mrs M

  3. Beefy have you got shoobyitis per chance? I must admit he needs a lot of work. When scat is done well it is melodic, I guess this has a melody all its own or will be music to someone’s ears………

    Look he used to hang with the Rat Pack, you know. ; )
    Mrs M

  4. Guess I got shoobyitis or shoobaverse. Uhmm the Rat Pack was the Melody

    Poor Shooby…poor poor Shooby…so misunderstood. But you know what’s going to happen? Tomorrow, you’ll be thinkin ’bout it and about the song and you won’t be able to HELP yourself…you’ll have to listen again. Again and again and again. He’ll bring JOY to your face. ; )
    Mrs M

  5. Poor old Shoobster! I bet at one time when the rat pack was together they were more than melodius. The voice ages just like every other part of the body, sometimes others age better. I am glad that the Shoobster sthill has passion for what makes his heart sing. Take it for what it is, it does make you smile, think about it I bet he is thinking about his glory days with the other ‘rats’ when he is shoobinating and how wonderful it was in his youth. Dig deeper and remember the things that made your heart sing when you were younger.

    I guess I always imagined that perhaps he was like the “fringe” member of the group. He died, I think, a few years ago. And um… I think his ‘shoobination’ always sounded like that. Just a guess.
    Mrs M

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