For your Monday Morning enjoyment I thought I’d offer up something fun. This is one of the first videos I saw by the Flight of the Conchords. Probably all of you media savvy people have heard of or seen these guys but even so…it’s hysterical and worth a look again.

Hey, is that a baby Taylor he’s playing?

Happy Monday, people.


10 thoughts on “Jenny

  1. OK – embed didn’t work, so here’s a link:

    I love that one too…and of course, Business Time…oh yeah, baby….it’s business time…
    Mrs M

  2. My DH sings business time! It drives me CRAZY!! He’ll look at me on Monday and say, “Hey Baby, it’s not Wednesday, but how bout some busness time.”

    LOL…oh you know you love it.
    Mrs M

  3. Rofl……That was hilarious. Thanks for the morning giggle Mrs M! I was lovin the guitar. If you ever want to hear a good jazz group from New Zealand it is the Robin Noland Trio, I heard them in concert here and they were amazing.

    I’ll have to look them up…New Zealand has an awful lot going for it these days….Lord of the Rings, Flight of the Conchords….
    Mrs M

  4. Great Monday laugh. Thanks Mrs.
    Never heard of them, where have I been? don’t answer…lol!
    They are funny,thanks for the link Dina.

    You just gotta hang around Youtube more often, Angie!
    Mrs M

  5. Mrs, wasn’t there a song about Jenny, the one with the phone number in it 867-5309 Jenny, I seem to remember that from the 80’s.

    Oh yeah, of course! Wasn’t it Tommy Tutone? Scary that I remember that.
    Mrs M

  6. Thank MM and pppj — Now I’ve got, “It’s business, it’s business t-i-i-i-me” stuck in my head!

    Oh yeah….”conditions are perfect…there’s nothing good on TV….conditions are perfect…” LOL, always glad to do my part in embedding weird funny songs in your brain, Dina.
    Mrs M

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