Italian Spiderman

Once again I am faced with a long day to start my week so I am posting your MONDAY installment for NaBloPoMo on sunday evening…I wish I could come up with some very very clever metaphor to attach to this video I discovered last week. I have tried and tried and have not been able to read more deeply into it frankly. I think this is a good thing. After all, sometimes a cigar is JUST a cigar, yes? Just watch and love Italian Spiderman for what it is…whatever it is.  Now shut your mouth, pussycat and get me a macchiato, pronto!


5 thoughts on “Italian Spiderman

  1. Whoa! Not sure what just happened there, but I was happy to see “Spidey” start a running regimen toward the end. Based on his diet here, and the toxic belly fat, I would recommend a series of colonic treatments. But, I do not have a metaphor for this. Ah, but right now, I’m gonna wash this man right outta my hair, along with the Tide, k?! Sweet dreams!

    LOL…glad I could implant THAT in your brain this week…
    Mrs M

  2. Completely barking! I loved it.

    Did you notice that the geeks rudely commenting about the lady’s melons were clutching copies of “railway” magazine! Proof that this was made by some British students after smoking one too many funny fags and watching one too many episodes of Jason King. I particularly loved the spider man theme! Yeh baby! 60s porn meets er… something ugly.



    I like the part when you hear….”spider, spider, spider, spider, spider…..spider” LOL
    Mrs M

  3. BC and PB, you all are very observant, Wonder if there is a Spider Woman? lol!
    Have a Happy week everybody, if traveling, be safe.
    Happy Thanksgiving, of course I will be back before then, just saying….

    I don’t even want to think about his Spider Woman…ack
    Mrs M

  4. I agree he definitely needs a little bit more running on the spot or not put his spidey suit in the hot dryer anymore – belly flub ACK! I think he should lay off the carbs a little.

    Have a good week you guys and if your are traveling do stay safe and cook those turkey’s to temperature!

    Too many macchiatos…
    Mrs M

  5. Why did the guys by the lockers remind me of Horshack, Babarino, and his buddies from Welcome Back Cotter?

    LOL…now that you mention it….they do!
    Mrs M

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