Mrs Simile

You knew it was coming…you did….after Mrs Metaphor’s “Write your own metaphor” and then “Mrs Haiku” how could you get through the year without having to also bear “Mrs Simile?”

Oh, come on….stop your bellyaching…it’s not so bad. This time you can actually use the words “like” and “as.” The very cool thing about the Similie is that it lilts along with such finesse and smoothness, like a tree blowing about in the wind…bending but not breaking…yes?

You may write as much or as little as you’d like…if you can make a comparison in one line then that is just as effective (maybe moreso) as an entire paragraph.

You know the drill…I’d like to see those similies breaking out in full force as the great bull breaks forth from it’s pen on bullfighting day! Your topic, my friends, this Thanksgiving week is well, Thanksgiving. For our friends who live outside the US  and have no reason to don the Pilgrim hat, eat turkey and watch football on Thursday then just tell me about something for which you are thankful at this time in your life.

Go to it…remember, technique is important and content is vital. I want to SEEEEEEE your similie…I want to FEEEEEEEL it in my bones.


14 thoughts on “Mrs Simile

  1. Oh, please delete the second one. I thought you had banned me! lol The first comment didn’t show up after I refreshed, and then it kicked me out. Am I banned? I’ll go peacefully. I won’t even write about you on another blog, or anything.

    Say, I’d never ban you babe!
    Mrs M

  2. That is cute, Angie!

    mrs., I’m starting to think I had better get therapy. It looks like I need a lot of attention. I’m sorry. I will try to change.

    You must be attention deficit, beefy
    Mrs M

  3. Sometimes life is like an oreo cookie, there is a crunchy part and then the soft gooey middle.

    And sometimes someone in the house comes along and licks out the gooey middle and puts the crunchy part back.
    Mrs M

  4. That was a great site, Accountable. I’m hooked! Thank you 🙂

    Here and I thought you were talking about me…it’s ALL about me…
    Mrs M

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