High Maintenance Angst

I’ve moved one step closer to “high maintenance.”  Just thought I’d let you all know…you, dear readers, who have seen the rise of my age spots cause utter chaos in my psyche…you, who have witnessed me turn that to waxing poetic about my grandmother.  Yes, the blogmama has glided one step further along the road so highly travelled with Southern women that it’s now the Superhighway of Silicone.I bought a “flat iron.”  Don’t worry, I bought a crappy flat iron but nonetheless I did buy one.  I’m just tired of that little cowlick in the front of my hair ruining things for all the rest of us.  So, there it is….I wash, I condition, I brush, I goop it up, I blow dry and I flat iron…Ack.What  next…


7 thoughts on “High Maintenance Angst

  1. LOL! I hear ya on the “extra” equipment to make your hair look decent.

    How are you doing with the flat iron? I have curly hair so I don’t use one but my stylist did try it on my hair the other day – just on a couple of the ends around the front. It was ok but it seemed like a lot of work for such little results.

    Let me know how it goes. Later babe!

    So far, so good sweetie! Hope I don’t burn my fingers off…
    Mrs M

  2. Whether we realize it or not we are all high maintenance to some degree or another. The other day when I was getting ready for work I realized I was out of mouse, which I desperately need to make my hair do absolutely anything. Panic ensued and I found something else that I tucked back in the cupboard, so all was okay.

    Yup as we get older you need more things to make you perky, from hair color, make-up, super sucker in garmets which almost cut of your circulation, eye creams, face creams or maybe even botox, heaven forbid we get a wrinkle or two on the journey of life. The way I look at it if you have perfect wrinkle free skin it means you haven’t smiled enough.

    I don’t believe I have ever been described as “perky” HH…I’m not about to aim toward that now! LOL…
    Mrs M

  3. What next? After all that?! Probably “Miller time!” l o l I recently bought my first flat iron, too, and really dig how much better my hair looks. Hope you will feel the same. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Can it be Boddington’s time instead? LOL
    Mrs M

  4. What next? After all you’ve been through?! I can think of only one thing: Miller Time! lol Actually, I recently bought my first flat iron (straightener), too, and I’m diggin’ how much better my hair looks with the little bit of extra effort that it takes. So, hope you enjoy yours as much as I do! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

    Yikes…it’s a shift, that’s for sure.
    Mrs M

  5. The more ‘interesting’ we get the longer it takes to get cute or so I have seen in myself, darn it, where do those lines come from? and the gray? constantly having to wash that stuff away, and I’m a fast kind of gal, or lazy, haven’t figured it out yet. Just want to get it on, done and out as quickly as possible. lol!
    I bought a flat iron cuz of my curls, and you all have not seen a cowlick the likes of mine, sad to say, my grandson inherited it. I have a hard time with the flat iron, maybe I’m kinda slow…….any tips out there or do I need to read the instructions?
    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  6. Angie: My best tip is “be patient.” It’s pretty scary to have a 400-degree piece of metal close to your head (or whatever they heat up to). All I know is the hair needs to be dry, and it seems that the hotter it is, the better it works. I hope that you all have ceramic.

  7. Ah, I took a while to catch up there, over here in Blighty we call these “hair straighteners”, I thought a flat iron was something very large commonly used by Tom to clart Jerry or vice versa!

    I’ve got scary curly pregnant lady’s hair, it looks like Jazz Singer era Neil Diamond as it is only now I’m with child it’s curlier and scarier… I’m sure one of the reasons I have such a soft spot for Mr Spangly is because I empathise with his completely unmanageable hair! Brillo heads R us! Hoorah I am not alone…!



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