Fun Gift Ideas

Look, blogging EVERY DAY for a month is not as easy as it may seem.  If it appears that sometimes I am grasping at straws on some posts well then, you’d be right!  I know I’m probably giving you all whiplash with my stirring metaphorical talk one day and then this sort of thing the next but hey, it’s a mixed bag here at, love me as I am, babe.So, I was surfing through my blogger friends’ yards this week and saw that MyStarbucks had a post about “Tampon Crafts” which reminded me of this little craft-gem right here.  My friend Amy sent me this in an email a looooong time ago.  It was funny then but what I think is even funnier is that now has a page for it.  I dare ya to make one of these and send it as a gift this Christmas.  padslippers.jpg 


9 thoughts on “Fun Gift Ideas

  1. The cuteness is intriguing; however, the thought of the adhesive protective strip coming loose while I’m racing through the hallways and me going *SPLAT* puts me into near conniptions.

  2. Oh god… I think I’m going to wee in my pants… Never mind if I had a pair of those shoes I could just slap one… no…

    Brilliant! Thank you for making my day.



  3. I had a friend who used to let her boys use pads as cots for their GI-Joes.
    Hmmm. I don’t think they ever went camouflage….

    Ann…you crack me up. How come you don’t live next door to me?
    Mrs M

  4. Would these work like Depends? just asking…talk about fancy and unique, I think they be kind of!

    No, but I bet you could make em out of those “Poise” pads too..
    Mrs M

  5. Rof – how would one respond on Christmas morning when they woke up and opened their ‘depends’ slippers.

    “Oh how nice, ooops I just spilled my coffee”.

    The gift that keeps on giving, eh?
    Mrs M

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