Love plus One

I was reminded by an old college radio buddy recently about this band and this video in particular. The discussion was something along the lines of…”back in MY day…when MTV still played VIDEOS…and when VIDEOS were VIDEOS…well, I’ll tell ya…” You get the idea.So I You-tubed Haircut 100 because that’s the one Melony referenced and sure enough, there it was:I’m having trouble getting the visual of Nick Heyward in a leopard skin swinging on a vine out of my head after this viewing. Now I KNOW why I blocked that out. Ack.


4 thoughts on “Love plus One

  1. I have to agree re the visual of Nick Heyward in a leopard skin swinging on a vine. This video is a bit “after” “my time,” but I have to ask myself – and the world at large from my generation – how is this any LESS scary than seeing Ted Nugent swinging out into the audience half-naked, as well. Things to ponder…but not for long! 😉

    Apparently it was discovered later that Nick was schizophrenic…sadly. Ted, was just weird.
    Mrs M

  2. I’m afraid it wasnt in any of my times. lol! Where was I? don’t answer…I might have liked swinging on a vine, dunno. I guess I should try it sometime.. better make sure I take lots of calcium supplements or what’s that drug Sally Fields talks about for Osteo? whoo hoo!
    Mrs. You have just been tagged. If you can’t I understand, I never heard of it until today, I got tagged, so now you are it. lol! I put the rules on my blog as per instructed. It won’t hurt my feelings if you can’t.

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