Music Appreciation

About 10 years ago or so I made an album. A friend produced it. He did a very nice job. I wrote all the songs and recorded the vocals and backup vocals but he arranged and recorded the tunes with studio musicians. Most of the time I was not even there when he recorded them. It was not exactly because I didn’t CARE to be there…it was more that I had discovered I was pregnant with my first child and I was totally geeked about it.Apparently I was more geeked about the human baby than I was about the musical baby, which I think is understandable and right.I have regrets now about this project.I wish I had spent more time in the crafting of the songs. I wish I had played the keyboard parts or added a cello part. Part of the reason I want to learn to play the guitar is not so much that I want to be able to “do it all myself” but rather to have an appreciation of it. Guitar appreciation, song production appreciation, studio musican appreciation…I don’t have designs on becoming the “next” 40 year old singer/songwriter to come out of nowhere and become popular on the charts, the “next” big thing..God forbid, the next Britney…ack. About the only “next” I want to be is the next step closer to the person I already was made to be. The next step closer to the very best version of me.That is why I want to learn to play the guitar this year.So, with that in mind, here is another of my old “tracks.” Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Music Appreciation

  1. You have a beautiful voice it is very soothing. So where can we buy CD’s?

    LOL…thanks HH. If I get them pressed one day I’ll let you know, definitely.
    Mrs M

  2. I am not a music critic, but I absolutely would buy it. Your lyrics and voice is lovely. Think it is great that you are taking guitar and continuing in your quest to be the best you. There is an old saying, when we stop learning, we stop growing, we stop growing, well, you know the rest. BTW, I heard 60 was the new 40, if that is the case, then 40 must be the new 20!

  3. Dear mrs., might I suggest finding a good vocal coach in addition to the guitar lessons? You’ve got a great voice, with a hint of edginess that I think could be developed into something that wouldn’t endanger Christina Aguilera, but truly you could blow the socks off of The Britster (ever heard her sing unenhanced?) Focus, babe, focus. Dream big, and all that. I’ll expect to be able to order an autographed cd in the near future. Hugs from Brit’s distant cousin (aaack!), The Beefster. Oops, I did it again! lol

  4. I addressed my midlife crisis by learning the guitar and you can’t go wrong! It also is a great tool to use in songwriting. Go for it!

    Gee, thanks Pete…I have a really good instructor though, I think I’ll stick with him for now.
    Mrs M

  5. wow, mrs … just wow! consider me in line for the CD, too! if you’re ever in the KC area, let me know, there’s a coffee shop open mic waiting for you!

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