Travelling Mercies…or lack thereof

A friend of mine sent me this the other day…

GEORGIA: Secret camera investigation: every single hotel failed to wash your cups and glasses08.nov.07


Fox Atlanta set up secret cameras inside 5 different hotel chains from the Holiday Inn to the Ritz Carlton and caught every single one of them failing to properly wash the room’s glasses.At every single hotel, regardless of price, the glasses were simply rinsed out and left for the next guest. Some hotels used dirty bath towels to wipe the glasses. One hotel employee rinsed the glasses after cleaning the toilet—using the same gloves. Another one sprayed the glasses with blue cleaning fluid that was marked “Do not drink.”Fox Atlanta has turned the results of the investigation over to the local health department. Experts interviewed in the video maintain that this isn’t just a case of “ew, gross” but a very serious health code violation. Dirty glasses spread disease.

Just makes you want to go right out and book a room, doesn’t it?


11 thoughts on “Travelling Mercies…or lack thereof

  1. Eewwwww! This is absolutely disgusting. I always rinse my glasses out before using them, but to think someone cleaned a toilet and then washed glasses with the same gloves, ick. There are so many superbugs out there, it really is a health hazard. The glasses aren’t the only things that don’t get cleaned, bedspreads and Duvet covers usually don’t get laundered after each guest. Nasty.

  2. While $6 an hour is certainly not a living wage, I respect those who make little and wish they could make more, however, I believe down deep in my soul that no matter how little or how much we are paid for services rendered. We should do it with honor and that would include doing the best we can with what we have to do with. In other words, To me a professional is one who works and does that job as if he or she were doing it for their loved ones instead of ‘the boss’ so to speak.

    I am sure FW, you did not mean because they are paid so little, they could and/or should take advantage of their position in reference to the innocent travellers or stick it to the man because of how little they receive.

    It is disheartening I am sure, to work hard for so little, also some people do not treat those in servant positions very well, that too can be hurtful. All of us need to remember that all are important and of value. That would make me bitter to be treated unjustly, but it still would not justify my doing my job in a way that was possibly hurtful to another on purpose.

  3. I just speak from experience with my husband and his job. He has come home many times from work with his spirit beaten down. He works so hard, yet gets paid less than others who don’t put their hearts into their jobs, don’t care about production, socialize and smoke cigarettes “on the clock”. He sometimes doesn’t see the point in being a good worker when those around him don’t meet his personal high standards. I think it’s hard to be so resilient day after day, especially when you are made vulnerable by your poverty or by your skin color or language.

    It’s hard to keep a good focus…it just feels like a huge obstacle to overcome…we are weary as a society in the face of it’s prejudice.
    Mrs M

  4. Thanks FW, actually that was a point I was trying to make.and not very well at that. My husband worked very hard for same pay as those who ‘socialized’ with the company, and it just seemed he always got the ‘dirty’ work. I used to tell him he shouldnt do more than the others because he would give it his all. I guess he rubbed off on me in admiration for those that can work under such harsh conditions.
    Yes, society is on overload with prejudice in many forms. And it is like an old saying, something like ‘Until youve walked a mile in my shoes’ don’t judge or something like that. I swear, I think my brain needs defragmenting.. having a hard time recalling the simplest! lol!

  5. Nasty! We always take plastic cups and pull the comforter off imediately. That helps with some of the germs and nasties but there are still a ton more everywhere else in the room. YUCK!

  6. We were at motel in tennessee last summer and i noticed blood on sheets my mother was laying on. i thought she was bleeding BADLY from somewhere at first. when i asked her why was she bleeding and she sais she wasnt, it dawned on me what the real problem was. to our horror, the bedspread, sheets, and all the way down to the mattress was soaked in dried blood. my poor mother had been wrapped up in these sheets!!!! they (the motel night manager) was also horrified when she came into our room and saw this, she was actually crying, while trying to change our bed linens. We got one free night and a nightmare we will never forget!!!!!

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