Noble Currency….

Even though NaBloPoMo is over I thought I’d subject you to some more of my poetry.  Don’t complain, there isn’t THAT much in my poetic repetoire so count your blessings, yes?  I wrote this one a few years ago….I still love it.  Sometimes, it helps to read poetry aloud for the full effect.  Better yet, one day I’ll come to an open mic and read it for you.  I can be very entertaining you know. 



another moment


with effort



a moment

well spent


noble currency


a moment

with wings

with life


each breath

a pause

in motion


a beating heart


a universe

of it’s own



7 thoughts on “Noble Currency….

  1. Very nice, MrsM. Each moment an opportunity to be well spent, not wasted. What a beautiful gift to uplift ourselves and others if not squandered.

    Eureka! Such an appropriate theme after your thoughtful musings on excessive blogging and blog drama (or blog wars as you say.)

  2. Mrs, That is very nice. Here is my life:

    I am busy




    and shopping

    and wrapping

    and shopping

    the phone is ringing

    my mom wants suggestions

    wrap and shop

    shop and wrap

    ring ring…hello mom

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