Finally….the end result

It’s taken a while but I have finally procured a decent picture of my mid life crisis tattoo and I thought I would share that with you.

I think it turned out rather well, myself.

Many thanks to Rodney at Insight Studios in Chicago.



15 thoughts on “Finally….the end result

  1. Oh shoot! I missed the Blog Poetry Month. I had no idea…. But, in the spirit of Poetry as a Perennial Endeavor, I offer here the poem I wrote after I got my own tattoo (which is nothing nearly as grand as yours, my dear Mrs Metaphor) — also in Chicago. The Tattoo Factory on N. Broadway. Have no idea who my tattoo artist was. It was 1994. I was 19. This is the kind of thing that happens when college sophomores are left to their own devices in Chi-Town over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, well, anything for Art.


    He knows how to tint tapioca-white flesh.
    Taut chests sport eagles; flowers wreathe tiny ankles.
    He knows how to foreshorten little devils
    and slither snakes around biceps.
    He knows the triumph of flawless execution.

    He knows how to patiently procure indelibility.
    Each plunge of the pigment-filled point
    elicits a driblet of bright red blood.
    The civilized savage sweeps the fluid away
    with soft, feathery strokes.
    He knows how to bring things that are inside, out.

  2. This line sticks to me today:
    “He knows how to patiently procure indelibility.”

    and I am reminded of God’s indelible mark upon us….and the patience with which He bestows that…

    Well done, Ahna….you’ll have to post a pic of your ink next time…LOL.

  3. Way to take a walk on the wild side, babe! Nice tattoo. It’s the same color as your electric guitar is gonna be, right?! 😉

  4. aw mrs, I could have driven down and held your hand, or given you some tequila shots.

    Thanks for posing the pic – I was wondering how it turned out. Also, on a side note, you look very slim.

  5. This is beautiful. I am guessing you may have needed more than one sitting.

    I have not yet gotten my mid life tattoo yet although I keep toying with the idea. My mom just got one in July, I was asked to join her but at two weeks post pardum….just could not muster the courage.

    The tattoo parlor looks great….maybe on my next visit to Chicago. You up for another one Mrs M?

  6. It took one very looooong sitting, actually…and yes! I do want another…i just need to get the design worked out. LOL…might take another 20 years, Nicole….

    Let me know when you go and we’ll see where we’re at.

  7. I like the design, I loved your reasoning for having it and I think it’s brilliant that you’ve done something you’ve wanted to do for 20 year or so! That said, I’m still completely grossed out by tattoos (and I appreciate, therefore at odds with every human being under 70, in the world today). Just my peccadillo, I guess, I’ve tried to like em but I just can’t… Well done anyway!



  8. Do any of you have your noses pierced? I thought about having a tiny diamond stud thingy done, but then again just thinking of poking a hole in my nose makes me a little squirmy.

  9. Nicely done knotwork & design!! I am a Catholic Christian & I am sleeved (and have a large chest piece being worked on.) We CAN be Christians AND have tattoos. ♥

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