Garments of Faith

True Confessions…I have never been able to write a “Worship” song. I have tried to do it for church and such…it’s just not in my songwriting nature I suppose. The closest I have come is this tune. I wrote this for the soundtrack of my DoxaSoma DVD (available here for those interested parties….)

And now for your enjoyment, here ’tis:

Garments of Faith

How can you love me
as I am right now
and torn
waiting for hope

How can you want me
as I fall too far
and empty
waiting for hope
to return

Now will you come to me
Lift up my face
Offer glimmers of grace
Garments of faith
Then will you mend my heart
lift me from pain
Offer glimmers of grace
Garments of faith.

How can you love me
as I stand
before the throne
left with no home
nowhere to turn
waiting for hope

Will you return to me
in your good time
Glimmers of grace
Garments of faith
Then will you
mend my heart
lift me from pain,
Offer glimmers of grace
Garments of faith


8 thoughts on “Garments of Faith

  1. Good Morning Mrs. M,

    Me thinks I heard a guitar! I thought you didnt play.

    I enjoyed the song and so did our Gwenna. Could use a little Doxa Soma right now.

    I have got a feeling that you write worship songs in your heart every day as you live and grow with your children.

  2. Ah, yes you do hear a guitar but alas, I did not play it. LOL…
    Now that I’m learning to play however I’m putting together the tabs for this one and hope to be able to play it myself. So far I play a mean version of “If it makes you happy” by Sheryl Crow…yeah, I totally rock, babe.

  3. I guess it’s all in your interpretation of a faith song… but it sure sounds like one to me! I thought it was excellent, very catchy. Gold stars for songwriting all round!



  4. Another great song, Mrs! It makes me think of an Indian sari with sparkling silver threads interwoven (those are the glimmers of grace). Like Joseph’s coat of many colors, only this one is especially for women. The only line in this song that throws me off is “waiting for hope” since I’ve always imagined that waiting is the essence of hope. If you are waiting for hope, are you not therefore already full of hope?

    A pessimist says, the vessel is broken and empty. But an optimist says the vessel is merely not self-aware.

    I hope that makes sense. It’s a wonderful song regardless of whether my interpretation makes sense or not. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. I hear ya, FW…I think that often that IS true…waiting being the essence of hope, perhaps it fact it is always true outside of our perception…although, there are moments when I feel so incredibly broken that Hope becomes elusive and it is in that moment that I would write the line about waiting for Hope to return. In reality, we both know that Hope hasn’t moved…it is me that has moved.

  6. there are moments when I feel so incredibly broken that Hope becomes elusive, yep that’s me today.. I got on here for distraction, I guess with tears flowing and your song was much needed. See, Mrs. you are ministering to others and did not even know it. Thank you.

  7. Hey, was it you singing? You weren’t playing though. I loved it. Please continue to use the talents God gave you. My 11 year old heard it and said, “hey, mom…cool song” when he walked into my office.

  8. Mrs you are a very faith filled person. You share your spirit and insight through your blog and your music. We all have a song to sing. We all live a state of hope, even when it seems we are at our greatest hour or despair or need. You may not see the little flicker of hope, but it is always there.

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