Marlene on the Wall…

…or on the guitar stand as it were. I promised I would post a picture of my other mid life crisis endeavor, my guitar. As you will recall I studied piano for a length of time and cello as well but never have played guitar. Thus, in the wake of my 40th birthday I went out and picked out this sweet young thing (sorry, Steve…the sexy electric won me over):


I have gotten into this habit of naming things, especially instruments. To me, it gives them a depth and me an understanding that this is more than a “thing,” yes? I think this practiced developed when I began cello lessons with Norman Johns of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra when I was in high school.  He introduced this concept to me when he introduced his cello as “Sophia.”  It stuck with me so much that when I acquired my own cello a few years ago I named her “Sophia” as well, in remembrance of those days.

So, in light of this, I’ll tell you that my guitar is called “Marlene.” I named her after a Suzanne Vega song that I have always loved, “Marlene on the Wall.” In the tune, “Marlene” refers to a picture of Marlene Dietrich, the german born actress. When I sat down and started playing my guitar that was what came to me first. I was struck by her dark, sultry nature and her engaging moodiness, thus…she is Marlene.

I’ll leave you with a mid 80’s performance by the incredible Ms Vega.


6 thoughts on “Marlene on the Wall…

  1. Mrs I love Suzanne Vega. I remember when she first came on the scene in the 80’s. Maybe I should try naming my piano and then I might feel more of a connection to it and continue with my lessons.

  2. Well on the day of my 41st…..remembering being christened by Charles as a rock star last year at 40….and longingly looking at the guitar the boys got for Christmas….I am envious! Marlene is beautiful! Have fun on this new journey.

  3. Marlene is one hot guitar! I can’t wait to meet her. Imagine — you, me, and her all in one room together. The world has rarely witnessed such hotness.

  4. Hey, Babe – this is one screamin’ eagle, sexy guitar! I have been hovering, hoping that you would post a picture of it … since NOVEMBER! Can’t say I’m not diligent-lol. Anyway, it’s cool to name instruments. I had a Harmony 12-string in the 70s to 80s. His name was Ralph. Never mind why. He would have posed as a fatherly figure to young Marlene above, as he was all about John Denver, Pete Seeger, and Peter, Paul and Mary. We had some “rockin'” good times until he died an untimely death of what could only be called “terminal curvature of the spine.” The best bid to fix him was $150, which was a lot of money to repair a $250 guitar, and they couldn’t promise that it would solve the problem for very long. Anyway, my loss aside, I adore Marlene Dietrich ever since I caught Her German Feistiness on “The Blue Angel,” many years ago. I think she and you have feistiness, determination, and talent in common. May your new guitar make you forget that you’re anything but in your hot-rockin’ 20s whenever you fire her up! Warm hugs from-“The Beefster” lol

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