What I don’t know is a lot.

Here’s a glimpse into my life today…I spent the better part of an hour fighting with my three year old about his pee. He took a bath after playing in the mud outside this morning and while bathing decided to let loose the waterworks.  He was thrilled.  He told me in no uncertain terms how excited he was to have peed in the tub.  “Look, it’s my pee!”  He was very proud.  I felt it best to drain it away, wash the tub and child and begin afresh.  He begged to differ.  I won because I’m bigger and stronger.

To say the least, he took this badly and yelled at the top of his lungs for quite a length of time thing like, “It’s MY pee! Give it back!”  and “I want my pee back!”  and “It’s not FAIR!  You took my pee!”Seems he was quite attached to his pee.  I tried a few tactics beginning with, “Yeah, you know…it’s just gross to bathe in your own urine….seriously” and moved onto “No, I’m not going to bring it back.  It’s not going to happen” and descended finally into rinsing him off and then leaving the room.  He continued to yell and scream and cry.  I came back in a few minutes later and sat next to him.  “What do you need, Miles?”  His teary response was anticipated, “I want my pee back.”

This is a moment to chuckle…because it IS kind of funny, yet, I was not in any mood to chuckle.  I was already pissed that I spent even that amount of time 1)arguing with a three year old and 2)arguing with a three year old about his pee.  I wish I had been in a mood to find the humor and move out of that but extenuating circumstances being what they are I’m just having trouble getting a grip most days on the tangibles…this felt like an intangible and for that I had no time, which is kind of sad, really.

The last thing we talked about it in this intangible discussion was interesting in hindsight.  I said, “Miles, drink some stinkin’ water, man..you can make MORE pee” to which he replied, “I can’t, I don’t have any tools.”  I tried to explain that the tools he needed were already in his body and that he just needed to trust me that he’s got it all covered but he just wasn’t having it.  He wanted things the way he envisioned them and there was NO other solution. He finally settled on the couch because I commenced to vacuuming.

In the quiet aftermath of his tantrum though I’m able to take something away from it all I guess.  It feels prophetic, a word of wisdom, a moment of enlightenment from the mouth of a three year old, an attitude of a three year old.  I want things the way I want them. There is NO other solution except the one I have in my head.  It’s hard for me to hear that there is another way, that what I want is perhaps not such a good thing in the grand scheme of  my metaphorical hygiene habits.  It’s hard to grasp this kind of thing in the middle of it all.  I just hope I  can rebound from my tight fisted  tirades as quickly as my three year old.  


18 thoughts on “What I don’t know is a lot.

  1. Mrs M, don’t be hard on yourself. You can’t reason with a three year old they just don’t get the logic. We have all been there with our kidlets. As much as we try to be warm and squishy with them all the time, sometimes it just doesn’t work. My dd was afraid to flush the toilet when she was little because she thought the contents was still a part of her, belonged to it and for awhile there was drama at potty time. Sometimes you have to give up, sigh, and try not to explain. You are right you are bigger and stronger and you do know best, but when you are in those situations it doesn’t make you feel any better. Take heart they grow and learn, but I will say even at 10 there are issues where you still don’t win no matter how hard you try to reason with them or how right you are.

    As my granny said to me Roll with it!!!! Hang in.

  2. Wow, that’s a hilarious story. You’ve gotta love three year olds and (as HH said) their complete lack of logic!

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I certainly understand your frustration in the situation. One day this will be so funny, one of those ‘when you were 3 stories’. that you can blackmail him with to get him to behave when he is a bit older.:) kinda doubt it though. lol!

  4. Oh gosh, if you could have videotaped his logic that would have been great fodder to play at his wedding reception one day.

    Hopefully, he will that strongly attached to his wife one day.

  5. Today’s been one of those “I want to hang on to my pee” kind of days for me, too. Thanks for reminding me I’ve got everything in me to make more. What a wise soul you are. 🙂

  6. Why the F&#@ do I feel like a 3 year old today? 🙂

    ‘Cuz I want MY pee, too.

    (thanks for the drop in on my blog. I’m STILL over the moon about it all. I wonder if that note IS from the heavenlies.)

  7. Hey Mrs M, I wish all of their problems for the rest of their lives would be wanting to hold onto their pee! It is so simple when they are little and gets so complicated as they get older.

    I do like this story as one that you can tell at the wedding reception – it would be hilarious or when he calls you one day and says “Mom what do I do about my son who wants to pee in the tub and not drain the water. What should I say, how can I get it across to him that it is dirty water?” and then you say “I don’t know, I tried to explain it to you at the same age and you didn’t buy it, I guess you will have to figure it out.” Then you can chuckle to yourself and have your revenge!

  8. mrs – you are SO lucky he didn’t just pee all over the couch! Send him to me. I offer beefy bootcamp training for wee tots. I think they’re hilarious! lol BTW, Happy New Year a bit belated.

  9. Mrs, I’m sorry that you and your son had this fight about pee. Coincidentally, I am trying to get my son to pee in the bathtub because my husband and I agreed that it might be a useful step in potty-training. You know, watch the pee come out and marvel at it instead of blindly peeing in a diaper. But my son refuses to pee in the tub. He says, and I quote, “NO GRACIAS.” Oh the irony.

  10. Fightingwindmills I wouldn’t recommend you starting him peeing in the tubby, he will then never want to stop. I saw something like this on Nanny 911 and the wee beasty would go everywhere but the toilet after that. He would pee in plants, outside, in the tub, in the corner and not the toilet. It was horrible for the parents to try and get him to stop. How old is your wee one. Get him a real cool potty. We used to do the pee pee song and dance in the bathroom whenever the dd did it right and made it fun and reward system.

    It doesn’t matter the tune just sing “Woo hoo look who went pee pee in the potty” then do a crazy little dance.

    Good luck with this!

  11. Yeah, I think I used a bit of blue toilet bowl cleaner in my son’s potty chair thing, and he would love making it yellow. Yeah, TMI I know, but he is 12 and is still potty trained.

    My son learned in a day, and the girls took longer.

    ahh…so glad that is sooooo far behind me…along with my youth…and my size 6 jeans….and my naturaly brown hair…..

  12. HH, okay then, I won’t insist. I like your idea for a song and dance. He’s only 23 months old now. My daughter was trained around that age, and although I’ve heard that boys take longer, I am staying optimistic.

  13. My friend had twin boys and it took them longer to potty train than her dd. 23 months is still pretty young yet, you watch in the next few months he will get the hang of the whole. Its all about neurological development, we expect our kids to be wired and ready to go, just because some moron in the 50-60’s thought it would be a good idea doesn’t make it right. Kids will do it when they are ready and it all has to do with their neuro wiring, not laziness.

  14. Oh this is hysterical mrs! Save this for his baby book….you do have a baby book right? Never mind…he’s #4, he’s lucky you haven’t lost him, what was I thinking. *thunks head*

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