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I can’t help it…I’m waxing poetic (most literally) as I get ready to attend the Festival of Faith and Writing this year and see my favorite, favorite poet, Scott Cairns.  So, in light of this I’m going to keep posting my poetry.  You have an assignment,dear reader, ESPECIALLY if you are one who would normally eschew the poetic arts.  Your assignment is to tell me if one line or one word, one feeling, one visual jumped out at you.  That is for you.  Roll it around on your tongue this week and make it your own.  You do not HAVE to participate…you may keep this to yourself if you would like.  You will not be graded on this. : )  

The entire history of the world
is this:
ebony quiet
pressing strong

fountain moving
mountain grumble
pangea splits
like a mirror
in falling

green thaws
stream pulses
earth breaking
life arrives
in full form
and graceful completion
always becoming
always becoming
always becoming
deeper, yes. 



9 thoughts on “Mrs Poetry

  1. The word I think of when I read this is promise. Promise of what is to come, promise of growth, promise of the future.

    I like that, HH…promise. Very nice.
    Mrs M

  2. First: the poem — “ebony quiet” is strong, and unusual in its mixing of sense modalities (a.k.a. synesthesia). Also effective, and best noticed when reading this poem aloud while looking at it, are the line breaks in the second stanza. There are four lines of four syllables each: “fountain moving / mountain grumble….” So then the word “cracks” stands out, a single syllable on its own line, with the remaining three syllables completing that stanza in the following line. This subtly emphasizes the importance of that verb, and allows the reader to better “hear” that word’s effect, bordering on onomatopoeia.

    Those are a couple of observations after reading it through three times.

    Next: I’m going to the Festival of Faith and Writing, too! Yahoo! Let’s talk about this. 🙂

    And yes, Scott Cairns is great. I first became familiar with him when I went to IMAGE Journal’s Glen Workshop in Santa Fe in 2001. Scott was a poetry instructor there. He would not remember me, I am sure, as I was there on the “retreat” option, not as a poetry workshop participant. He’s a great reader of his own poetry. I’d love to go hear him with you at the Festival!

    Oh yes, it is a real treat to hear him read! Let’s make it a date.
    Thank you for your insights as well…next assignment will be you guys posting YOUR work… : )
    Mrs M

  3. The way you end it makes me think of the word evolve.

    Yes, that feels right…a building of something new and old at the same time, yes?

  4. Mrs M I don’t think the world is ready for poems by HH. Sometimes my musings are enough. I may have to sit and take a crack at it though, ya never know. You are so brave that you put yourself out there like this. I am a daring kind of live life in the moment gal, but writing poetry and put it on the web seems to intimidate me somehow. I guess it is the baring of the inner soul for everyone to see that makes me a little squeamish.

    I suppose upon reflection on it, I’d say that I publish and perform my work not because I’m brave but rather because I have an intense desire to know that I’m not alone. Perhaps also, in so doing, it comes as a comfort to the reader as well, to realize that they are not alone…that we are connected somehow at that moment, yes? Either that or I’m just an introverted exhibitionist.
    Mrs M

  5. I’m gonna take the hit for the team, mrs. The last line says it all for me: “. . . deeper, yes.” Yes, it’s deeper than I am! Seriously, it’s kind of an evolving verse, just like our daily lives, now, isn’t it?

    Oh beefy, you know i love you.
    Mrs M

  6. Mrs I’m glad that your share your feelings and yourself this way. It also shows the struggles as women that we have in common. It gives those of us courage to do the same and really and truly look at the muse within us that may be wishing to come out. I think for me it is fear of what people will think because you are laying your soul out for people to see. Most people would never think this of me, but I used to be fairly introverted and it has only been through my late 30’s, early 40’s that I have truly come out of my shell and become more extroverted. But I think that comes with learning about oneself and becoming comfortable in ones skin – maturity.

    Thanks for sharing, you never know there may be an HH poem kicking around – I just hope it doesn’t get critiqued too much for proper form, etc., I’m not there, I just write what I feel.

    By the way Busty and I have started a joint blog venture, come on by, you can even add us to your blog roll if you wish.

    Well said, HH.
    I will certainly check out your cool chickie blog, babe…consider yourself blogrolled…
    Mrs M

  7. This poem makes me think about the rhythm of making love. For me all of the words in this poem are sexually charged.

    Hmm…interesting insight, FW…the idea of “creation” and “evolving” does fit with this idea as well, doesn’t it. The two become one…making something (or someone) new.

    While I would say that this was not my focus in the writing of this peice, I would also say that it’s not necessarily the intention of the poet which brings the interpretation of the poem but rather what it brings to mind for us. This is what makes it cross the page and jump into our very own lives…the deep calling unto deep.

    As always, you bring a richness to the conversation, FW…I value that immensely.

  8. Hey Mrs thanks for adding us to the blogroll!

    The coolest thing about poetry is the depth of emotion it inspires and the perception in creates in the reader. When I read it over again I can see why FW would think about making love. There is a lot of energy in this poem and creation. Makes me go hmmmm. As always you strike interesting conversation.

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