A Foggy Day in Metaphor-town

I’m feeling the fog again…bear with me on this.  I was thinking today about my recent infatuation with Ron Paul.  My blog friend Fighting Windmills has asked me about my brush with hope in the form of Mr Paul and that got me to thinking finally about the election.  Funny thing about apathy…no matter how it feels as though the fog is lifting for me, in times of stress I begin to realize that the fog isn’t moving.  It hangs there like a weighted veil in front of my face.

I begin to wonder about the recurring butterflies I get in my stomach when I see or hear Ron Paul speak.  I want so much to trust him, to think that he is “different.”  I think that things will be better with him in charge.  It is like an unattainable love.  I am committed still to the party with which I have registered even though that can be changed and even if I choose not to leave that relationship, there are rules in place that would allow me to be unfaithful to that party without consequence.   I can vote in the Republican Primary as a registered Democrat here in Tennessee because of Open Polling.

I hear the old voices in my head as I consider it…”you’re throwing away your vote” quickly countered by another voice, “your vote doesn’t matter anyway.”How can two such ugly voices be the ones which will inform me in this?  I cannot help but wonder if those two voices are the ones that many of us hear these days.  Am I wasting my vote by voting my conscience? Does my vote even matter, really?

I’ll tell you first why I like Ron Paul.  I like his stand on the issues.  I like his track record.  I like his family history.  I like his approach.  I like the way he speaks, the way he (or his speech writers) form his sentences. I like that he wants to end the war…that he seems to not be afraid in saying what he thinks. He seems confident even though his chances of getting the nomination are slim…very slim indeed.  The sad part about this statement is that it is just this kind of thinking that keeps his chances so slim…or maybe his chances are slim because the system is funky.

I would love to have the brainpower to explain just why Ugly Voice 1 has such sway with me.  It’s so easy for me to criticize the underlying system in place here when it comes to getting someone elected.  It is harder to really explain it in real, actual facts.  I’m not hard-wired for that.  I’m more an intuitive, I’m like Counselor Troy from Star Trek.  I know it because I feeeeeeeeel it.  Or maybe that’s just an excuse to not do the research or make an effort to understand on a more factual basis.  I just know that whenever I think upon it in those terms it makes me tired and I’m tired enough already.So I choose to circumvent that by indulging my infatuation with the backdoor Open Polling option.   I remain married to my party of choice while I have a fling with the other side.  Nobody gets hurt, everybody wins…except maybe my candidate.

In walks Ugly Voice 2.  Because of the way the electoral college system is set up in this country it is not uncommon for the feeling to arise that since I live in Tennessee it’s pretty much “all over” by the time the smoke has cleared.  Now, strictly speaking, this is not really true.  I’m certain that voice of the masses does matter but in the fog of my apathy it doesn’t feeeeeeeeel that way.  At this point, again I could try to school myself enough to convey just what the electoral college does and why it’s such a freakily complicated and weird way to do things in this day and age but again, I’m tired.  Apathy will do that.

What is most helpful in this whole thing, I think, is being in the conversation. Listening to the ugly voices in my head will eventually get me nowhere fast, paralyzed by the fog.  It does help to listen to the struggle in the voices of the people around me, whether I agree with their politics or not.  It helps to hear voices of reason and affirmation and they do exist.  After visiting Fighting Windmills’ blog and seeing all the information she has up there it did feel as though there may be some hope yet that while I may not feel the fog is moving I can at very least feel as though I am moving, guided by some good, strong and beautiful voices.  


35 thoughts on “A Foggy Day in Metaphor-town

  1. Dear mrs., you need to vote where your heart is. I am a Republican (big surprise there, huh?!) I do vote for other parties when I know that is the right thing to do. Hmm, I’m a swinger! *snort*

    The most important time I ever did that was when my Republican Senator got way-too-big for his britches and really dissed the unknown Democrat who had a passion unlike any I had seen in the incumbent in many years. This guy with fire-in-his-bones deserved my vote, and I knew it, even though many of his politics made my hair stand on end. I knew he would get important things done. He would be a man of action, not snarky comments.

    I had to admit that I simply don’t know everything, and maybe, just maybe, he was right about some things that I didn’t agree with him on. He won, and he did some unbelievably crazy things (like I expected), but he did an unbelievably tremendous amount of good (like I also expected) and won hearts across the country.

    In this upcoming election, the only person who doesn’t scare the beejeebees out of me as of today is McCain. I need to read more about Paul and Romney. The two frontrunner Dems, I honestly would like to take and knock their heads together and say, “Behave yourselves in public!” Unfortunately, as we’ve seen throughout all the elections since we’ve been old enough to realize what’s going on, there’s plenty of that going on on all sides.

    I don’t trust Giuliani as far as I could throw him. Personal opinion is that a vote for him is as evil as a vote for Clinton…and just the sight of her makes my blood boil. So, to make this long story short, I, too, am in the biggest election-time quandary I’ve ever been in. I wish only for unity in this country again, and I wish that we get our focus off Hollywood and back on the issues that actually will make a difference in our and our childrens’ lives. You gotta vote with your conscience, with what God is telling you, not with what the candidates tell you God is telling you. Peace, babe!

  2. Mrs., you’ve been on the wrong website the whole time! 😆

    http://www.ronpaul2008.com is much more inspiring.

    You can also follow the campaign blog at this address:

    Thanks for the shout-out. As I wrote in my email to you, I’m having a liiiiiiitle bit of trouble reconciling politics with religion. The Jehovah’s Witnesses that I study with weekly believe that anyone who endorses, supports, places hope in, gives money to, etc. a political candidate has entered into complicity with Satan. So, yeah, there’s that. To me, it’s become a joke. I regularly send a contribution to the campaign then sit in my own living room with Jehovah’s Witnesses fascinated by the possibility of a supernatural force controlling the election process (obviously the eeeeeevil force, not the good one). I participate in things that fascinate me so I often find myself in a pickle.

    Who knows what will become of me, or of this nation, or of the human race?

  3. fightingwindmills, I think you will be o.k. 🙂 I have deep concerns right now about this nation, don’t you? The human race, well, that’s a topic for another day. I heard a hell-fire 80s sermon last night that convicted me deeply. I am curious, though, about the JW’s stance of un-involvement in the process, insofar as it seems dangerous just to float down the stream of life thinking that everything is up to God. I don’t know if you simply study with them, or if that is your faith. I am curious, though, why they believe that. Is it their interpretation of the verse that says, “Be in the world but not OF the world?” Just curious.

  4. Pink Beefs, yes that’s the verse that they base their belief on. Satan said to Jesus that he would give him all the kingdoms of the world. Jesus resisted that temptation. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Satan really does have the kingdoms in hand and would have been able to literally give them to Jesus had he agreed. They think the system is under his control.

    Pilot asked Jesus if he was the king of kings and he said no. He had a chance of rising to political power, but he chose not to. God is waiting until the end of days when he will destroy all worldly kingdoms and governments. So the women I study with would argue that it’s best not to have anything invested (hope or money or time) in a government that God will eventually destroy. I study with them because I want to know about the Bible. But I don’t think I could actually “convert” to their faith. The sad thing is I’m likely to end up not believing at all because I find their insistence in the supernatural unnerving.

    Thanks for your sweet comments!

  5. Thanks for the very thorough answer, fightingwindmills!

    I find it interesting that the only difference between what the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in this area and what I believe is involvement in the process through prayer and active participation, doing our best to influence for good (I know that last sentence has the potential to start a firestorm of comments based on the many beliefs of what IS good)–regardless of the outcome. One could laugh and say that seems futile; on the other hand, my faith says we’re in training down here for whatever is next.

    Back to the JW’s, they did help me get back in touch with my roots at the time even though in time I told them I didn’t believe the same things they did and didn’t want to convert. I thanked them immensely, because they were so sweet, and their patience struck a chord deep within me which I believe helped me eventually get back on track. I have said a prayer for God to stick close with you in your searching and that you would hear Him (in your heart) nudging you in the direction He wants you to go. Have a great week!

  6. Mrs, being a Canuck I can not even hazard a guess about how your system works in the states, its confusing to me. What I will say, if you feel stressed and apathethic and are worried about your vote not counting, then the fog wins. I think there is so much apathy when it comes to elections in the US and Canada – it goes right through every level of the process from municipal, school boards and federal. We are faced with the same problems here in Canada. For me it is shocking that most 20 somethings don’t vote and they don’t see the gloriousness in their participation of democracy. It is an earned priviledge, not a right.

    You have to vote what your heart and conscience tells you, sometimes it means switching parties/candidates for the greater good. You consider things and give them a lot of thought so you will be okay. The only wasted vote is one that is not cast. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you will have clarity the closer it gets to the election. Hang in!

  7. Oh Mrs, you and I should have coffee. I think this is an exciting time in history, and I hope you listen to your heart and head -usually they will end up agreeing with one-another. We sometimes have those “AHA” moments where sanity and the heart merge into one and the right decision is made. I hope that happens for you.

    I am so glad that our presidential process takes this long. People start to show their stress point, their true colors and the rest of it. It’s all there.

    Although I find Ron Paul to be a delight when I watched him on John Stewart, I don’t think he is republican enough to get the vote. I think it would be a smart move on the republican party to put John McCain up there as President and perhaps choose Ron Paul as a VP. I know Romney and Huckabee have won states, but…Ron Paul has a powerful swing vote. So does John McCain. John has worked with democrats like Russ Feingold on campaign finance reform, and has shown the nation that he can reach across the aisle and work with both parties. I think he is their strongest candidate.

    As far as the democrats go, I am in a new place. I believe Obama has set the tone for the hope in our future, and I believe he can deliver what he says. I am not sure who he should pick as VP. I think Hillary has done great things for NYC. I wish Obama could pick Ron Paul as his running mate. I realize Ron Paul is running as a republican, but listening to him – he seems far too independent to agree with either side on anything. Am I wrong on this?

    If Obama gets the nod from the party it is my belief that a new era needs to be born into the democratic party. I would be thrilled if he would pick Al Gore as VP.

    Once again, these are just my hopes and thoughts for both parties. I think McCain is a man that can swing votes as can Obama. Both Obama and McCain have a timeless message of hope, courage, and the American Dream.

    A new day is coming, Mrs…hold on…..and you will find it.

  8. See politics and religion settle in politely between poetry and not-so-random musings on the peaceful green sectional. Well done, MrsM, well done.

  9. Hi PUR!!!!

    PPPJ, Ron Paul is not a neo-conservative (big spender, looking for a war, cram christianity down everyone’s throat, etc.) so he may not seem like the Republicans of the last 20 years, however I think he is a true Republican, in the old-school sense of the word. When you listen to him, he doesn’t sound like other Republicans; that’s true. I always thought I was a democrat, but then I realized that we would all be better off with limited government and more freedom. I don’t consider myself a democrat anymore.

    I’m so excited you’re in a new place with Obama v. Clinton! As Batman would say, “It’s what I do that defines me.”

  10. PPPJ do you really think Gore would want to be the “bridesmaid” again. I think he is the kingmaker behind the scenes.

    American politics certainly are interesting.

    My hope as your neighbor to the North is that you folks will have someone strong and courageous enough to do the tough stuff and get both parties working for the people.

    Hi ya Pur!

    Going to eat a muffin and swill some coffee now.

  11. Sorry, never gonna happen. The Libertarian solution has too many drawbacks. It looks sexy to drug dealers, the hide-in-the-hills-with-your-own-militia-and-gold-bricks-type-folks, and the isolationist-even-in the-face-of-the-holocaust-type-folk, but is disaster for everyone else.

    When a Libertarian wins and there is no more public school system here you can tell me how much better it is to be like India where only the rich can afford to educate their young and everyone else is running from tigers.

  12. You can choose to educate yourself about him or you can choose to perpetuate the stereotypes. What makes you think there would be no more public school system? Each state has a Department of Education. Public schools are run by states and suffer when non-funded mandates come out of Washington. The bigger a government is, the more of a mess it is. The disaster is already here.

  13. Wow! We all have our opinions, don’t we? I’m just intervening with a station break for humor and a call for mrsmetaphor to consider writing another thread … soon 🙂 Love y’all –

  14. I understand the apathy, when I started blogging it was because of my health.
    I never intended to have a blog that was anywhere near political. It is funny how things turn out..As a registered democrat, I felt my party had left me when I saw what they were standing for and not standing for in plain english. I have tried to look at all their records to see where I belonged and to share with others the issues.

    I think Fighting Windmills take on Ron Paul is same as mine..less big brother. keeping our freedoms and liberties..Romney maybe..

    Personally I think it is more about our principals and values than it is republican or democrat anymore.. we may not get the candidate we think best but my personal frustration is that I don’t believe that most are really checking on the issues that are important to them. Conservatives are not happy with McCain as he is very close to the left on most issues. Ron Paul nor Romney have the repub machine behind them..the grass roots effort could surprise everybody.with Ron Paul..I hope so. We need someone who believes the constitution and saves what our forefathers gave their lives far and imho God blessed us with for many years.

  15. I can agree with that, Angie. When we get right down to it, I think we all want the same things: someone at the helm we can trust to have EVERYBODY’S best interests in mind, security (financial/physical), hope for ALL our futures, and freedom (not to abuse but to take personal responsibility and build).

  16. I am beginning to wonder that since the republicans aren’t backing Ron Paul that he could be the ‘third ticket option’ as Nader and Perot did. The question there is – who would be voting for him? The Republicans or the Dem’s? I think it would be an interesting race if it was Ron Paul, Obama and McCain. It would be neat to see who would vote for Ron Paul.

    I just love this stuff. It’s interesting to read all of your thoughts on it everyone!

    Happy Sunday!

  17. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Ron Paul, Ross Perot, and George W. are Texans? Little men from Texas are free thinkers, aren’t they? Hmph.

    Hillary 08, ya’ll! Yee Haw!

  18. Hey –

    Someone, somewhere will count the popular vote. Votes for Ron Paul will be noticed. Don’t be afraid. “Vote your heart and your conscience” – Jesse Ventura at the Rally for the Republic. Otherwise your vote is truly wasted.

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