Overheard at my house….

Bear in mind that I basically avoided entering the conflict on this one because it was too good an exchange to not transcribe.  

Overheard at my house this morning

Henry (5) pounding on his sister Riley’s (10) door:
“Let me in!”

Riley from behind the door:
“No, I want to be alone”

“No, you’re not allowed to be alone.”

“Go away, I want to be alone!”

“No, that is not appropriate!”

Riley: (still behind the closed door)
“Yes it is…mom tell him I’m allowed to be alone!”
“No, nobody is allowed to be alone in this house.  Only dad is allowed to be alone!”

“Go away. Mom tell him to go away!”

“Mom, tell her to let me in.”

“Fine, you can come in if you tell me how much 5 times 5 is…”

Chet: (age 7, from downstairs)
“You can’t give him quizzes, Riley.”

Riley: (still yelling from behind her closed door)
“Yes I can…I can do what I want!”

“That’s not fair, I have no idea”

“Then ask him 1 plus 1”

“Fine, then you have to do a chore for me”

“I don’t do chores…”

This went on for a while but basically they decided amongst themselves that to play a game of Twister would decide whether or not Riley would allow Henry to come in and play with her.  Chew on that one a little while…
There’s your verbal snapshot of my life for this morning…



10 thoughts on “Overheard at my house….

  1. ROFL!!!! Maybe I will use twister as the mediation tool in my house from now on. Don’t ya just wish it was as simple for adults???

  2. lol, mrs. Reminds me of the bumpersticker: “Be nice to your kids. They’re the ones who’ll determine your long-term care.” Seriously, they sound ADORABLE. I sure wish all our presidential candidates could just play a game of Twister . . . 😉

  3. I love when my daughter says “Moooooooom dad is bugging me and tell him to stop.” Sometimes I wonder who the kids are in my house.

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