I’ve got it all figured out

I really do.  All I need is to convince everyone else to go along with my crazy plan and it’ll all be perfect.

How many stream of consciousness canoe trips can I organize in blogland without becoming annoying?  I don’t know…but here’s another one.  I’m a slave to the blog muse so here goes:

Staying at a friend’s house this week I am realizing just how ungifted I am at say, domestic things.  I don’t clean well…meaning that I don’t find the time, energy or motivation to care enough about cleaning to make a real and noticeable dent in the grime.  It’s not horrid at my house, it’s not squalor (I don’t think it is…at least) but I visit a friend’s house and I see the difference.  Now, this…in and of itself is fine.  I don’t mind being different, I don’t feel “less than” because of my domestic style.  What makes it NOT fine is that I actually like her house this way.  I want MY house to be this way.  I just don’t really want to do it myself.  

This got me to thinking about the other things that I’d love to see done differently.   My homeschool approach is way different from my friends’ approaches.  I like the way they impose order into their days and their lives.  I have TRIED this but alas, I’m more gifted at chaos than order.  Again, in the moment I like this chaos but then when I visit the order it looks so nice, so sweet, so restful.  I’d like that, I just don’t want to give  up my penchant for chaos in trade.

I like some of my friends’ churches.  The are very fun to visit.  I’d like my church to have some of these elements but I’m not sure I want to be the one to lobby for them.  Ack, I sound like a church consumer…I don’t like that….let me think on that one a little longer.

It would be nice to have a job.  I KNOW, I know…I HAVE  a job…wife, mother, teacher, trainer, fitness guru, writer, artist…blah blah blah.   Once in a great while I’d like to have a sit at a cubicle job….paper in this drawer, pencils over here, paycheck at the end of the week.  I just don’t want to have it forever….maybe for like 10 days.

All this to say that I think I have it all worked out.  I think what we need is a commune.  This way I can get the benefit of all my friends’ giftedness in one place at one time.  Then at the end of the day we can all retreat to our own home/apartment whatever and do our thing.  I tell people often that what I like about my friends is that they seem to dent in where I dent out…we fill in the gaps for one another so why would it be so hard to just gather us all together and fill in the gaps all the time?  Come on…doesn’t this seem like a great plan of mine?  I’ll lead your families into artistic and metaphoric chaos and then you can all use your giftedness to get us out of that mess.  

Erm…okay, well, maybe the marketing needs some work.

As you were. 


19 thoughts on “I’ve got it all figured out

  1. Why not have a collective? I do. Choose better friends. Teach their kids yoga, let them teach your kids time management and organization. Organize a book club, tea, whatever. Make better friends. You don’t have to do it all, be it all. Do what it takes to make your church your family’s second home, or find one that already fits the bill. Why settle? This is your one shot and your kids’ only childhood.

    No need to get down on yourself. I know you can do it!

  2. I know! You have a lot of gifts to offer, and you love your kids. Seek opportunity to grow and learn from others and you’ll find it. About the house… would hired help, help? No need to wallow in your shortcomings.

  3. Mrs have you ever thought that maybe your friends look at you with envy at your talents and gifts? Have you ever thought that they may be wishing to be more like you? You have a free spirit that travels and enlightens – you do this a lot here on the blog. Have you thought that maybe they would prefer your “chaos” to order and wish that they could let go of the reins a little?

    A little bit of chaos and order are good in ones life as long as they are balanced. I also think sometimes all of the order takes a lot of valuable time away from our kids. Our kids are not going to remember how clean the house is and they don’t care really, they just want us, our attention, or time, just us.

    If you feel that you need to be orderly instead of trying to do it all in one fell swoop, pick a little thing and work on it. Eventually when you have picked enough little things it adds up to one big thing.

    Do I freak when the house is chaotic – nope. Do I envy my friends who have everything tickety boo – nope. I am taking a different approach to life, I am stopping to smell the roses a bit more.

  4. I’m there Mrs. Can I bring my psychedelic love beads, heck I’ll even make em! I will bring my Westfalia van and we can have a ripping good time!!!!!!

    Tickety-boo means alright, I guess it is a Canuckism…… Singing – “The answers my friends are blowing in the wind” – waving my lighter!

    BTW I do need to bring the coffee grinder and a coffee pot for my demon bean fix and a little kahlua or bailey’s for the morning coffee……slurp!

  5. Now thats not even funny – DECAF – are you serious??? whats the point if you aren’t getting the full effects of the demon bean. That is sacrilege!

  6. Oh Mrs…I have to chew on this a bit….I feel in a very similar boat and I cant spend another homeschooling moment with my kids (all 5)doing who knows what creative thing upstairs while I am blogging away. So I will ponder today…

    I did want to share with you that two of the boys have asked if they could go to school…just for a week…you know ride the bus, eat the food….see what they are missing. Kind of like you sitting in your cubicle at a JOB….I have moments like that as well. I am glad they pass quickly…I dont think I could do the cubicle thing very well.

    I am in for the commune….you have been holding onto this idea for awhile….so what giant are you facing that keeps you from going for it. I love you Mrs….and miss rubbing shoulders with you on a regular basis….you know the iron sharpens iron thing.

    Blessings to you today

  7. Interesting thoughts.

    I have a great friend who is divorced and instead of buying a tradition home for herself (or condo or whatever) she and a few friends went in on a renovated barn-home where they have a commune of sorts. It’s funky, fun, and it’s full of divorced people who are working, have visiting kids etc…. It works well for them, and visiting them is DIVINE.

    I can see how it would work.

    Thanks for your thoughts today.

  8. :::::::::::sliding into the party::::::::::: I have got my hair in braids, my “peace” headband, and my floral “moo moo” dress. I am barefoot. I’m hummin’ John Lennon songs. Can I join the commune? I have Kahlua, lovebeads, a suede/fringe jacket, and a guitar. “All I am sayin’ . . . is GIVE BEEF(y) a chance!”

    Actually, mrs. CHAOS = Can’t Handle an Orderly System. Take that and change it to CHAOSM = Change Happens At One Speed: Mine! Don’t beat yourself up, babe. One step at a time, one project at a time, one peace bead at a time. Soon you’ve have the necklace your girlfriends are wearing (to throw a metaphor at you), but it will be one that suits YOU and YOURS.

  9. I’ve got my Birkenstocks on and rainbow toe socks, the pedal is to the metal in the Westfalia Vanagon (which only goes as fast as a slow bowl of oatmeal). I’m on my way to the Peace-in/lovefest/Mrs M commune express!

    In Victoria they actually have a few condo developments that are co-op’s where people pool their resources and help with cooking etc.

    Remember Mrs, Someone else’s rainbow may turn out to be your storm.

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