The moon is not the poem

I wonder how much poetry I can post on this blog without completely driving my friends to drink.  Let’s just see, shall we?
I wrote this a few weeks ago after a low slung full moon captured me and just past that I had an online conversation with some artist types. Mainly, I think what we were discussing was “what is art?”  So, in light of this…I put this group of words to paper…
The moon is not the poem

the moon is not the poem

no matter how it strikes you
even so
it is no wonder it brings you further
to that place you hide
falling to pieces 
when no one watches

….but the moon is not the poem
it will not bring you solace
the morning after
it will not offer comfort
when it’s moment has passed

…because the moon is not the poem
it will shift it’s place in the sky
it will wax and wane
but the poem
it will remain
words on a page
pinpoints of light
constant as the day
follows the night


8 thoughts on “The moon is not the poem

  1. mrs., you are so much deeper than me, that i can’t even fathom the depths of my poetic noncomprehension. It seems like it could have been a Pink Floyd song, though. 🙂
    High praise, indeed..Beefy! I love Pink Floyd.
    Mrs M

  2. Great poem, MrsM. It references Shakespeare, right? “Swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon . . . ” It definitely makes me think of Romeo and Juliet and their night together/morning after. Also, when I posted some photos of the ice storm that we had, I was captioning them “This is a blade of grass” then I realized that no, this is not a blade of grass, this is a photo of a blade of grass. 🙂 So I love that your poem is not the moon and the moon is not your poem.

    Hm…I’m sure it was an influence on some level albeit subconscious…lol. I LOVE your realization…love it. Well done, FW.
    Mrs M

  3. I only met you a week ago and already you have driven me to drink )

    or maybe it was that insatiable moon burning in the Nashville sky ?

    maybe the poem and even the moon itself is an icon, a window to something greater than themselves …..

    keep on keeping on


    Well it was a short ride for you, Mark…lol. I know you have a deep and profound love of poetry. : )
    Mrs M

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