Half Full

I got a very exciting note in the mail the other day. It was a save the date for the upcoming marriage of someone I like a whole lot but don’t know all that well. We call him Max but that’s not his actual name. We call him Max because it’s how he’s known in the musical world, “Maxel Toft.”

At any rate, Max is getting married and I was reminded of one of his songs in light of this. The song is “Half Full” and the CD is called, “Nixon.” This tune is from a series of projects he is doing which are, in his own words, “named and numbered according to past U.S. Presidents. Starting with Clinton and continuing in reverse order, Maxel Toft plans to make a recording for (but having nothing to do with) each President.”

The production was done by my very talented friend Andy Deitrich. A couple of other friends played on this CD as well, my beautiful friend, Jane with her beautiful voice and my tuba talented friend, Hans. I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy for yourself from CdBaby.

Suffice it to say that I am so delighted that my friend, Max no longer will walk through life Half Full.I hope you enjoy this today…savor it well, it is an amazing song.

——-Half Full

I dug in



Then took flight

To reclaim

My fortune

I flew straight

Then figure eight


Touched down

To rethink

My motives

With no wings

At least

I Had purpose

This one wing

Flies me

In circles

I’m worn out



It’s too late

To leave



I swear

There’s someone

With one wing

Worn out


We’d link arms

Take off


Two wings

Rise up



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