Duke Special

I like my blog friends because they really know where it’s at. I am most recently introduced to Duke Special on my friend Steve’s blog so I thought I’d take a moment to pass this goodness along. As you all ALREADY know…I have a penchant for the odd so bear that in mind. Duke Special is a rather accessible odd, I hope you’ll agree.


11 thoughts on “Duke Special

  1. Duke Special is a genius, and a good friend of McCleary and myslef! You NEED to get his album, Songs From The Deep Forest. It’s amazing. If you can get a copy of the version with the live concert backed by the BBC Ulster Orchestra – more’s the better.

    If you can’t get hold of it… I have ways…


  2. Holy cow…that rocks, Jude. I want to have Duke Special over for pasta some night. : )
    I’ll have to have Mr McCleary over for pasta first though…out here in the deep forest of Leipers Fork, TN. Come to mention it….I need to have you over for pasta when you are next in the states. Pasta night, all around!

  3. Cool although sobering in that I used to have a coat a bit like that, and I used to wear it a lot, probably when I was about his age… 20 years ago…


    I will have to go find out a bit more about Duke Special, he sounds interesting. Incidentally, my claim to fame, I’ve met the small bloke in the top hat after a gig. One of my mates from school used to play in his band.



  4. OK, mrs., you know I’ve just got to say that Tiny Tim lives on thanks to Duke Special. I definitely hear Tiny’s influence here, plus a few visits by Bela Lugosi, Barney, and Scooby Doo. And, heck, while we’re at it, that chick DID bear a modern-day resemblance to Miss Vicki. NOT SURE what quite to make of it all, but truly after this week online, it is the icing on my virtual cake, and I thank you for it! l o l Carry on, and keep ’em coming. : )

  5. Tiny Tim? Good grief. I mean… I can’t hear Tiptoe Through The Tulips without welling up from the sheer beauty of it, but don’t be distracted by the sillyness and fun of the video. I suggest EVERYONE buys the album on iTunes. You won’t be the slightest bit disappointed… and, let’s face it, he’s got three amazing kids to feed!

  6. mrs., it wasn’t a slam. I dig Tiny Tim…he was WAY cool, simply misunderstoodl…just like this guy, apparently–except by YOU! And, let’s face it, there’s no denyin’ he’s a WHOLE lot hotter than Tiny, by a long shot. Tiny Tim was beautiful on the inside, this Doug guy is probably way cool on the inside and the outside kind of like that dude who plays the doctor dreamy guy on whatever show that is and can actually stay married with kids and be normal in spite of all his fame. There, hopes you understands me better now. I would never diss your new musical crush. He just seriously reminds me of Tiny Tim…didn’t you hear the occasional warbles and high notes? Do I just need to go drink a pitcher of margaritas somewhere? I could easily do that today. Easily. : )

  7. And, with all deference to Jude, Tiny Tim was a senseless act of random beauty…in his own quirky and timeless way. That’s all I’m saying. I wonder if he and Kate Bush would have …. uh, never mind! :::running/laughing:::

  8. lol, this DUKE guy, not DOUG. Oh, I am a piece of work today, I tell ya.
    And, with all deference to Jude, Tiny Tim was a senseless act of random beauty…in his own quirky and timeless way. That’s all I’m saying. I wonder if he and Kate Bush would have …. uh, never mind! :::running/laughing:::

  9. I concur, Jude. I downloaded the album on iTunes and it’s wonderful, truly. The one Steve has on his blog is an incredibly beautiful song…”Freewheel” (for those keeping track at home.)

    Ah, Beefy…I was just pulling yer leg. You know I love you. : )

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