Since you loved Imogen…

…then I will introduce you to another fantastic loop-a-rific pair of performers.  This vastly talented duo came to me through a series of friends recently and I am proud to say I was stealthy enough to woo them as friends myself via Facebook.  God love Facebook.

This is Steve Lawson and Lobelia Sabo (whose voice, by the way, SLAYS me…SLAYS me, I say.) I hope you’ll dig their stuff.  I know that I do.


As Steve says in his description:

“Bass ‘n’ voice looping and strangeness take on Pat Benatar’s 80s arena rock classic… enjoy, but be warned, it gets very odd towards the end! 

All the loops and layers are live – there are no pre-recorded samples or backing tracks. the looper used is a looperlative. And that’s a 6 string fretless bass, not just a tiny guitarist… :o) “

For more info about their duo live EP, see or


3 thoughts on “Since you loved Imogen…

  1. I liked it. It wasn’t too weird, I think the soloist was just surprised at the cool solo and probably didn’t really see that side to that person before.

    ROCK ON!

  2. LOL…well you’ll be interested to find out that they just became engaged…so I think she had an inkling about his weirdness or at least she determined that it was a safe kind of weirdness. : )

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