If I am a drug

then what kind of drug do I want to be?

Am I penicillin or heroin?

Opium or Ibuprofen?



Do I heal or do I harm?

There is your radical thought for the day.


3 thoughts on “If I am a drug

  1. I wouldn’t want anyone to become addicted to me, but I would want to somehow enhance lives or allow a deeper understanding in that drugged state. Also, I wouldn’t want to cause “side effects.” What about you, Mrs. M? What kind of drug are you?

  2. Well FW….been thinking about this and I the conclusion I come to is that I want to work toward love. I just want to love people. I’m workin on it. So, if Love is the Drug…to quote one of my favorite Roxy Music songs…then that’s the drug I am.

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