Mrs Euphemism

A few days ago someone googled, “metaphor for kissing” and found me.  I have no idea which post they found, probably it was “The Holy Kiss” but who knows.  That got me to thinking though about kissing as metaphor and metaphors for kissing and of course that led me to thinking about the assignment I shall give this week while I’m at the Festival of Faith and Writing visiting my poet crush, Scott Cairns and soaking in the smell and feel of the written word.

So in light of that, it’s that time again…How long did you think it would take for us to roll around to the use of “euphemism” in our studies?  Ok, ok…I know you are all excited about this one but let’s take a moment and just explore this a bit, shall we?  

Some of us, when we think of the word, “euphemism” perhaps go straight to the gutter and think of words or phrases substituted for sex but in reality, according to the dictionary a euphemism is:”The act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive.”So you see?  I’m not going to limit you to something as pedestrian as “sex” while creating or sharing your favorite euphemism.  You can feel free to use any harsh, blunt or offensive subject.

Hey, you’re welcome…I know you’ve been itching to try this one.

I could model this for you but I’d rather share with you a website I stumbled upon recently.  Be forewarned…it might get a little harsh, blunt or offensive, euphemistically but there were a couple that cracked me up pretty good and a few that made me blush.

make your own euphemism

best of luck to you…but remember, we do get underage readers in here once in a while…try to contain yourselves…

now hit me with your best shot


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