Another “Teardrop”

Whilst listening to the radio on my late night drive back from the airport recently I heard this artist performing a cover of a Massive Attack song that I like a whole lot.  What struck me first though in this live performance was Newton Faulkner’s sense of humor.  He’s hysterical in his banter and in some cases his choice of covers.  During a 35 minute drive I heard him perform (in addition to his fabulous originals) “You spin me round” by Dead or Alive and even Queen’s  “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which was unfreakin’ believable…no lie.  It was amazing.  

Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” doesn’t suffer a bit from his treatment of it, I can tell you.  The video is pretty cool too.  Shall I draw the metaphor here?  Nah.  Just watch and listen…balm to the soul, people…balm to the soul.


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